sweater dress, belt, tights and shoes: H&M
  • i think by now it is clear to you that 99% of my closet is from h&m. those who think that they should pay me for the advertisement, raise your hand. LOL
  • the weather is getting crazy by the minute. but i like it. another excuse to wear my chunky knits.
  • speaking of chunky knits, LOVING this h&m knit campaign featuring liya kebede. the girl is GOJUS!Photobucket
  • to think that i own almost all these things featured here, they REALLY should be paying me by now. hello swacket, hello sweater dress! double LOL (and those pink shoes on the first pic are on my way to me at long last!)
  • ANYWAY, i have a new found respect for grace coddington after watching the september issue, 1000 times. she's amazing. love her. nuff said. if you haven't seen the film yet, GO AND SEE IT ALREADY.


  1. You look fierce!!!
    You're right, they should pay you for all the advertising you're doing for them. IN CLOTHES!

  2. ohh, me likey! especially the hood! =D so happy that i can now see photos again...

  3. I think H&M should definitely pay you for all the free advertising!

    I love this outfit, you look so cozy.

  4. oh niiiice. and yes she is gorgoeus. i thought the same when i saw the poster. nude for life haha

  5. hey mode junkie..

    ich mag deinen eigenen stil
    viel lieber,
    als wenn du
    andauernd outfits nachstylst..
    das is origineller,
    wenn du bei deinem eigenen style

  6. That jacket kinda reminds me of the dress Kylie Minogue wore in one of her music videos a few years back lol.

    I wanna see the September Issue but its not in any cinemas near me =( Def gonna get it on DVD somehow though!

  7. ahahah i loveee that sweater. and she looks so pretty in the pictures :D

  8. you look awesome in those pics! maybe you should just send your link to the h & m email address every day until they hire you lol xxxxx

  9. *raising my hand*

    love what you;re wearing! you look cute haha

  10. I like your facial expression, especially your noble eyes.

    I think that the tights are overkill, but I love the sweater dress!

    Kiss kiss

  11. i love this look...and how you turned it into a hood

    Vi from Cali

  12. Ohhh I have never thought I'd be as attracted to an H&M piece as I find myself to be at this moment. The sweater is INSANE. Love the first picture, babe, you're a rock star.

  13. hihihhi.

    i love the third photo. Ang fierce talaga. hahahaha.

    i just saw that campaign on my email yesterday, soon as i saw it sabi ko "oi the Modejunkie Swacket".

    My galliwow! I can't wait to see you wearing pwenk shoe.

    I love this one on you. An lamig na ba diyan? Dito malamig na. Giniginaw na ang tumbong ko. hihihihi. Am always cold.

    have a great day!.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  14. I love love your knit sweater-dress!!!


  15. this outfits gives the impression of high fashion even though its from h&m. cmon, how many women can pull beige or white like this!

  16. I like how your pair the nude cable knit with white leggings, so pure!

  17. I agree on Grace. I was lucky to catch the September issue when I was in New York last month because obviously they are not going to show it in Hamburg at all.

    Btw, I just ordered those H&M buckle sandals from your previous post. I'm curious if they as good irl.

  18. Klasse Bilder! Ich hab den Pulli auch und er ist einer meiner liebsten Herbstentdeckungen, einfach so schön warm!
    LG Laura

  19. Hello, there, you sure you are not modeling?
    Amazing photos!!!

  20. they should pay you for advertising h&m!! haha... love those shoes :) xx

  21. The sweater looks so good on you!

  22. Oh man, I wish I had the courage to wear chunky-knit tights. My legs aren't long, and I'm -convinced- they make my legs look thicker. But they look great on you, so go for it!!


  23. oh wow tolles kleid!!!
    ich finde deinen ganzen look einfach nur klasse auch vor allem deine schuhe!

  24. I was thinking the same thing about Grace C! I just rented it on DVD and was so impressed with her, I was trying to figure out a way to tell her (like that would make her day). In fact I'm going to try to just call up Vogue NY and see if it's possible get hold of her. We should all do it!

    In fact I think she should start her own spin off Vogue rival. Call it Grace ; )

    I know what you mean about H&M, I was thinking the same thing about Topshop: that I'm promoting them so much recently, they should put me on the payroll. Or at least, pay us in clothing, or employee discounts!

    Love your look, love nude, esp in wintry weather. I now wear my white & beige skinny jeans more than blue jeans thru the winter.

    Okay, that's a long enough comment. Oh yes: thank you for yours (10 minutes ago) & definitely rent Sliding Doors, would love to hear what you'll think. You'll probably find Gwyneth's clothes very dated, very late 20th century, but apart from that, I think you'll like it. jCx

  25. Gorgeous!! I love the all nude look. You look amazing.
    Just so you know, I do love and appreciate your comment, I just accidentally rejected a bunch of comments and yours was in there! Damn!

  26. OHHHHH. Workin' it till the crack of dawn! You look so warm and toasty. You make me wanna head to H&M. They definitely should pay you for the ads. Have a nice weekend!

  27. You emulated the first outfit perfectly!! and The September Issue was INCREDIBLE!!! Grace Coddington is the BEST!!!!!

  28. wow, you perfectly pulled off this look! great job!!

  29. Yeah, you're the number one client at H&M. I guess you own all the cool pieces they ever sold.

    Thanks for the comment, you're so nice.

    xoxo zola

  30. Work it girlfriend!

    I had to say that. Haha! Oh yeah I am totally experimenting, I agree it is more fun that way.

    & haha yeah I'm glad to be back! WOOT.

    x Natalie

  31. ang ganda! grabe wala akong masabi. this looks like an ed straight from a fashion magazine. u always have the best clothes. i wanna raid ur closet! haha.

  32. Looking good! I love that sweater, I have it too:)

    have a great weekend!


  33. Happy sweet monday!

    Christine is so right: H&M should pay you for all the free advertising ;)

    The colors in the photos are stunning!!!!


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