shredded tee + silk blend


it's very addicting once you get it right. i have managed to destroy 2 rib tanks and 3 plain white shirts. my boyfriend looks at me like i am some crazy girl. he has secretly hidden his white shirts since i have mentioned i need some bigger ones to shred. lol.

hello kitty x mac

would somebody get me this for christmas? i will forever be thankful. haha!


drumroll, please?




le boyf gave me a tripod as a gift today. i think i know why. he doesn't wanna be bothered by me asking him to take outfit pictures. haha. so sorry for the weird poses. still working with the self timer. anyways, the JIFANSHI boots came in the post yesterday. i swear i was like, me on christmas opening gifts when i was 5. i am so happy with this buy. it is a little over budget but still saved much compared to the retail price. i have been receiving mails to where i have bought it, the answer is ebay here in germany. there are still some in for a 1000 bucks (i think they have lost their minds) and some from yoox. not in my size though. hope that helps.

i want attention



isn't miguel cuter as this baby modeling his clothes? :)
this was his first time wearing pants. fashion milestone. one for the books. haha

Santa Came Early..

scratch my last post. i have now found the perfect shoe. and to think they nearly have cost me the same. so what do you say Mango or Givenchy?
i love, love, love EBAY!

the Givenchy gods were listening. Hallelujah! it's like heaven on earth. :)

can't wait to see you babe.

shoe porn

does this shoe reminds you of these Balenciagas?
or is it just me?


should i? or should i not? if yes, which one? i like the second pair better but not really sure.

in another note, what did you get from CdG for H&M? i spared me the long line and a possible 2 hour journey (the nearest H&M that got the collection is Stuttgart which is two hours away) and waited for the online launch. i was exactly at the online store at 23:59 and lo and behold, selected stuff was there at my reach. i scored the polka dot wool cardigan in marine and red, the bag and the drop crotch pants. five minutes later, this was the picture:
click image to enlarge

if you want that pyjama thingy, it's still available. but yeah, i guess not.
i am kinda disappointed that i did not order the scarf and two blazers but hey, i am thankful to even get hold of something from this collection. i was not expecting it to be so huge here in germany since i thought germans (except for my very fashionable blogger/ friends) even haven't heard of the name before. there was a tv documentary shown here, where they took three pieces from the collection, offered it to people as gift and only one elderly woman accepted and said she sees herself wearing the piece. most reactions were, eeww. ugly or not even as a gift would i wear it. oh well.

share your crazy story here. i would love to hear your experience.

my asos package came and if anyone wants to buy the studded belt (i ordered two different sizes because i wasn't sure which one fits), you can email me and make an offer. it is 90 cm long and can be either worn on the waist or hips.

Miguel's First Laugh Caught on Cam..

sorry for that squeeching noise. i could not help it. :) also ignore our poor singing skills. it seems that this song brings the baby to laughter. maybe it´s our voices?
add: he laughs now on an hourly basis. hihi. my camera is running out of memory space since i practically videoed every single laugh.

Caption this. :) Answers on a postcard.

P.S. i have added a sidebar on the blog to which i will be featuring a good find every week or day from some of my favorite online shops. since i am on a ban (this is an exception because i ordered this myself), i will be online shopping for you guys. so to start off, is this dress i have been crushing on betty for like forever. it's from h&m trend (that's why i couldn't buy it, we don't have trend in my local h&m). from 40 euros to 20.score right? i could imagine this dress with brown tights and booties for fall. i am excited.
this is unfortunately only for the german readers. but you better hurry, sizes are running out.

i was also able to score some h&m trend stuff. an oversized tank and shirt..kinda aa-ish, for 5 euros each. only, they disappeared the morning after i placed my order. sold-out much? i dunno. but will tell you about it when it arrives. the flapper dress arrived today, and it is a dream. le boyf thinks it's hot. the wedge booties are comfortable to death. i ordered it one size bigger since it runs small, methinks.


Gekauft! Bought! Sold!

i have been contemplating for like one week now if i needed (read: if i can afford) these stuff:

AA Interlock Mini Skirt

AA 3er Pack Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V Neck

AA Tri-Blend Lightweight Raglan Pullover

AA Polyester Micro- Fiber Tulip Skirt


turns out, I DO! :( i was looking for a decent white t-shirt in my closet today, and guess what? i found nothing. nada. it was either too girly or not really what i was looking for. and i am getting sick of my clothes and all the color and prints. i am kinda undergoing a personality style crisis. if you know what i mean..
don't we all find great excuses for our shopping habits?

i have finalized my order from american apparel and i hope to get my hands on these pieces immediately! i signed up for the newsletter and got 15% off. thank god. 2 skirts, one sweater, 3 shirts = 120 euros!!! these better be fucking great and be the most comfortable shirt i have ever worn like the reviews i read, because this would be the last time i would spend this much on basics.

as if i haven't spent enough, i got this wanna be carrie bradshaw studded belt and leopard tights from asos, mainly because i have never tried ordering there and really want to try how fast they ship and the whole she-bang.

my 2 H&M packages haven't arrived yet, so once they get to me, i am promising myself not to buy anything until december. november has just begun, we'll see how long i last. i will try my best not to cheat. promise!
whoever invented online shopping must be a genius in draining people's wallets and must have been best friends with the one who invented credit cards... oh well. ;)