The Non-Judging Breakfast Club.

i was really addicted to sex and the city decades before. i dunno, i was 16 or 17-ish at that time, and the characters were like early 30's, but still i watched it religiously in hbo and even bought the whole vcd set afterwards for late night reruns with friends at sleepover. ooohh the VCD set. that's how old it was. what's weird is, i could have never afforded the manolos, the fendis and the diors they were wearing and for sure could NOT relate to the whole work and sex thing going on, because in fact, i was 16. i was still in school, not a lawyer or a pr person. and i was just new to exploring the art of kissing, let alone talk about bl*wjobs and vibrators.. haha. i can still vividly remember the cringing moments i had wathing samantha's sex excapades through a tiny hole i made from my hands covering my eyes. it was not real for me. or it was not relatable because i never experienced it yet. i didn't have much wisdom with dating because i have dated only two guys. i didn't know the 'he's just not into me theory' (would have been very helpful if i did, and would have saved me from my most embarassing moment ever) but i watched it however.

SO, imagine my luck when i found this little sex-and-the-city-20-years-ago-and-more-drama-drama series called GOSSIP GIRL. i still can't relate to the park avenue rich bitches playing the role but the age, drugs, sex, boys and FASHION, that i can relate. it is EXAGGERATED 4 trillion times though but still it appealed to me.

i don't have to narrate and introduce the cast because you have probably heard of them already by now, one way or the other, and if not, i'm not sure which planet you are in. pluto maybe? :) i love it to pieces. i never thought i would be saying this as i was shedding tears for carrie and big, but yes, I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL MORE THAN SATC.

i'm already having withdrawals as i am downloading the season finale episode but knowing that the next season is bigger, juicier and fashionable-r (!) haha, comforts me altogether.

this was from the last episode. i love chuck even more for just being the badass that he is. :) a girl could really use some of those badass lips of his. haha. how cool was that when everybody told something bad or wrong thing they did to make serena feel better about her confession and chuck just answered, "i am chuck bass.", in a very naughty way. as if being himself is bad and wrong itself already. :)
and though this may sound very corny and childish, i liked it that everybody came to rescue serena. even if it means, blair, chuck and nate in a room together. it's really just like my friends back home. awww. i'm gettin teary-eyed now. :) i love you guys.

so i'll update you as soon as i finish watching the last episode and be sure that it's full of dramz! sooo excited!