IMG_2759-2 IMG_2645 Kopie IMG_2769 Kopie IMG_2774 Kopie IMG_2671 Kopie IMG_2546 Kopie IMG_2634 Kopie IMG_2722 Kopie
H&M pleated skirt
MATIKO wedges

hello guys!
i hope you had a lovely start to the week?
black and white for the win! my two favorite non-colors!



IMG_2937 Kopie IMG_2920 Kopie IMG_2939 Kopie IMG_2893 Kopie
ALEXANDER WANG bag and sandals

hey guys!
just a quick post to show you my outfit yesterday which is basically composed of my current favorites.
the top, the jeans (FITS LIKE A GLOVE, OMG!), the bag and these sunnies!
also a self reminder to eat less, run more. 

have a nice sunday!



IMG_1497 Kopie IMG_1520 Kopie2 IMG_1478 Kopie IMG_1488 Kopie2
NEW YORKER sweater, faux leather vest and jeans
RAY BAN aviators

hello guys!
gonna make this quick, here´s a very casual look i wore at work today!
my hair is growing so fast, should i cut it short again?

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IMG_2100 Kopie IMG_2107 Kopie IMG_2133 Kopie IMG_2129 Kopie IMG_1922 Kopie
CHOIES denim shirt
MINK PINK shorts
NEW YORKER plateau sneakers

i will never forget that one gilmore girls episode...
it was rory's first day at that expensive, private school and lorelai, her mom, was supposed to come with her.
but unfortunately, she overslept and couldn't pick up the special suit she planned to wear that day.
anyway, she wore what she could first grab from her closet: denim cutoffs & cowboy boots. she got hit upon by another dad from the school, her mom & the headmaster of course thought it was a terrible joke.

kind of the same thing happened to me the other day.
i attended a parent teacher meeting in this outfit above except that it was exactly the outfit i planned to wear. 
i am lucky to live in a generation where everything goes. but sometimes even in these modern times, i feel weird being stared upon by other moms or people (who probably are still stuck in the 20s) in general because i dress up like i do. if there is such a thing, what is mommy style anyway? should i wear my dress suit (sans bra? yes it´s my preferred way) to parent-teacher meetings? should i dress up differently because i have a 4 year old kid? should i wear boring sunglasses just because? HMMM. 
it´s my party and i´ll live it like i want to.
for all the lorelais in the world, hats off.


IMG_1140 Kopie IMG_1134-2 IMG_1088 Kopie IMG_1146 Kopie IMG_1118 Kopie
ACNE collage shirt, mape leather jacket (in baby blue suede here) and hybria boots
CHOIES mirrored sunnies

hey guys!
i am finally feeling better, yay! probably because winter seems to be back?
that moment when i finally decided to hide all my winter gear in the back of my closet, it started getting chilly again...
anyway, can we talk about the rad-acity (haha, i love making up my own words) of these leggings?
and no matter how hot the weather is gonna be, this leather jacket is staying in the front row of my summer wardrobe. no matter what.
it is kinda like wine. just gets better every after wear. AHHH

PS: just a quick reminder about the O'neill x Fashiolista Contest that i participated, where one of you can win an exotic trip with your favorite blogger or a 500 euro shopping spree.. would really love to go to hawaii with one of you!
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IMG_0023 Kopie IMG_9953 IMG_0076 Kopie IMG_9906 Kopie IMG_0071 Kopie modejunkie mango voucher

my hay fever has definitely started along with spring thus the lack of posts, so sorry. :(
you remember this post?
here´s the full look!
it´s a look i created in collaboration with Mango and Fashiolista.
if you fancy 500 euros to spend at Mango please vote for your favorite blogger here!
i would appreciate it was me. :)
good luck on winning!



IMG_1687 Kopie IMG_1710 Kopie IMG_1734 Kopie IMG_1696 Kopie IMG_1895 Kopie IMG_1648 Kopie
MOTEL dress
AQUAZURRA cutout booties
RAY BAN aviators
CHOIES diy floral sunnies

hello guys!
we´ve been extremely blessed this weekend, weatherwise.
my iphone app promised me 20 degrees but it was about 30 degrees at least.
went out in jeans and a light jacket and had to go back home to change into this dress.
i wish i was in palm springs right now though to enjoy coachella and rock these cute floral sunglasses!
this dress + ray bans + these sandals remind me of carrie's outfit in the intro of sex and the city film part two.
though empire state of mind wouldn´t be exactly the soundtrack of this look, it still feels carrie- like.
i hope you like!



IMG_1338 Kopie IMG_1369 Kopie IMG_1364 Kopie IMG_1403 Kopie IMG_1451 Kopie IMG_1437 Kopie IMG_1458 Kopie
MANGO top, trousers & sandals
H&M New Icons hat
3.1 PHILLIP LIM pashli bag

.... well, NOT QUITE.
hey guys!!
i hope you´re all enjoying the weekend as i am!
i will keep this short.. this is by far one of my favorite looks/ photos in this blog.
dries van noten, celine & saint laurent for less.
you know that i love me my designer staples like this bag for example, but i simply can´t justify paying over a 1000 euros for silk pants (which i will probably wear like 5 times max) when i can buy them at Mango for 1/100th of the price. or the iconic saint laurent hat that i almost purchased before i realized 700 euros for a friggin hat is just too much.

enjoy the weather guys!



IMG_0152_2 IMG_0238 IMG_0088 Kopie IMG_0392 Kopie IMG_0262 Kopie 

hey guys!
hello from super sunny philippines! 

LOL, just kidding.
i have been complaining about this friggin weather since god knows how long and it did not just magically change after that.
sometime last week, we braved the cold to shoot these pictures for a fun contest over at Fashiolista with O'neill.
OKAY, i know that i am not skinny. never was, never will be.
i love me my burgers, steak and cakes so much. so why show you these pictures, right?
because, i might be able to bring one of you guys (who votes for my look) to one exotic country (i heard they´re choosing between Brazil, Hawaii or Santa Cruz) for a styling trip with O'neill next summer! 

you want to hear a funny story? i haven´t owned a bikini up until i was 20. we swam with our shirts & shorts on in the philippines.
so it is still weird for me to go full two piece even in my "thinner" days.

long story short, if you´re up for it, i would love to spend next summer with you!

vote for me HERE, would really appreciate it!
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