i lied, i bought more shoes.

dress: pimkie
bag: thrifted
gladiators: zara

since i find it impractical to buy clothes now (although this dress is an exception, its a size s which i think would still fit good after i lose the baby weight), i resorted to buying shoes everytime i had the chance. and trust me, there's always a way for shoes to catch my attention, online or on-store. hihi. the gold gladiators were on sale at zara so i got them. and they turrn out to be pretty comfortable, so, worth it. and weird enough, buying heels (i can barely step into them, let alone walk in them) seems to be so practical to me this time, although it's really NOT. the last three days i bought four shoes with heels. yeah right.

the baby's pram came today. its orange and brown. very cool. and i practiced walking with it in my heels. haha. i looked good on the mirror. dunno in real life. we'll see.

Combat boots = Me for FALL!

as i was checking lulu´s blog at chictopia, she posted these pictures from emma cook runway collection AW.
i am soo into this whole doc martens, combat boots trend but i don´t really know how they´d look on me. nevertheless, there´s no stoppin me from ordering these craaazzyy white patent combat heeled boots at mango online. i have so much on my mind right now on how i´m gonna rock it after miguel comes out. I AM SUCH A COOL MOM. haha!

feast on!
don´t they remind you of these tall doc booties from Chloe?

crazy right? but not as crazy as the red ones lulu and rumi are rocking. i am not yet rock star enough to don those.

wait.. wait.. wait.. not yet finished showing off my shoe finds. :)

here´s our girl Nicole wearing the legit ones.

since i will never be able to afford the real ones (louboutin for nine west, can you hear me? haha) and yes i don´t own a pair of black patent pumps in what (100 pairs i own? yes kill me now), i settled down for these from Buffalo London. they´re not bad, i am kinda in love with them. So if you can spot the difference, good for you, because i don´t and i don´t care. :) you´ll be seeing me in these pushing my baby´s buggy struttin around the town. dress & tube top: H&M
flip flops: havaianas

but for now, i would just have to keep on wearing them flip flops because i am getting heavier each second and wearing heels feel like wearing shoes with a bed of nails inside it. ohh yes i´ve tried!

You Don't Mess With My Man

last night, i was craving for some lollipops. yeah, the candy. yesterday, it was fried chicken. it just popped out of my crazy, spoiled mind and i had to have it. so off my boyf went. to the nearest gasoline station (everything here is closed on sundays except gas stations, i know, soooo b0ring). but when he came back, he had like a bagful of goodies. i asked him what's in the bag and he showed me. there was this men's magazine with a naked girl in front. the conversation went like this,

me: what's up with this?
he: you don't seriously think imma stand at a queue of 10 guys just buying a lollipop, do you?
me: ok. but you cold have bought me vogue instead.
he: then i have to buy three playboys for that.
me: ok, now i got it.

that was soo sweet and funny of him. i didn't realize this would be a serious subject for boys. what made me laugh even more is that he had bought an energy drink with the magazine just to prove his point. i love him even more. :)

off i go now finding some serious way to get rid of these stuff. i can't imagine describing every piece and taking pictures for ebay. that would make me go craaazzy.. these should be gone before the baby arrives.

Billy JEANS!

i have been watching katie holmes in her variety of jeans like everyday for ten days now? she seems to bring back the pegged jeans trend that we have all been trying to forget decades ago. what do you think, yay or nay? i think she pulls it off better than the skinny ones. her hips kinda look big on those. so what do you think, is this 1990 trend coming back to life?

on another note, the cut-off shorts trend, which i personally think rumi started around the blogosphere, isn't dying anytime soon. i am loving nicole richie's style in the picture. i am praying and hoping, praying and hoping that i return to my normal size after giving birth and be as chica as nicole is. i am seriously thinking of cutting of my old levis. what do you say? yay or nay?

and lastly, w magazine got the first photo of the Commes des Garcons for H&M collection. Here it is:

what do you think? yay or nay? all the polkas and that jean-ish coat got me excited really now. let's see. :)