Billy JEANS!

i have been watching katie holmes in her variety of jeans like everyday for ten days now? she seems to bring back the pegged jeans trend that we have all been trying to forget decades ago. what do you think, yay or nay? i think she pulls it off better than the skinny ones. her hips kinda look big on those. so what do you think, is this 1990 trend coming back to life?

on another note, the cut-off shorts trend, which i personally think rumi started around the blogosphere, isn't dying anytime soon. i am loving nicole richie's style in the picture. i am praying and hoping, praying and hoping that i return to my normal size after giving birth and be as chica as nicole is. i am seriously thinking of cutting of my old levis. what do you say? yay or nay?

and lastly, w magazine got the first photo of the Commes des Garcons for H&M collection. Here it is:

what do you think? yay or nay? all the polkas and that jean-ish coat got me excited really now. let's see. :)


  1. I'm loving the jeans on Katie.

  2. i love blue jeans with a bikin bag. ah....

  3. I just like Katie - no idea why but to me she makes jeans look classy.

    Cut offs are super comfy for summer, I say go for it. Plus, you look sooooo good even now in the last stretch of pregnancy, so please do NOT worry about getting in shape afterward. When are you due, dear?

    I keep ordering stuff from H&M - it is getting out of hand, and you are not helping;))

  4. i think cutoffs can look really cute on somebody like nicole.. and her friend is the photo is fierce.

    im not sure about the pegged jean look.... maybe if they're not crazy baggy and you're just running to get coffee or something.

    take care,
    xo K

  5. I say yay to Katies loose menswear jeans and BIG YAY to the HM Collaboration....its going to be like when they launched Cavalli here in toronto, it was NUTS! sold out in 4 inutes and people waited in line for 4 hours before opening

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  7. I am in love with the jeans that katie is wearing and the cut of shorts are to cute... but I am not sure about all of the the polka dots... a little overwhelming... but everything else is totally cute :)

  8. I like the jeans-style from Katie! and the shirts are amazing!

  9. this is so totaly true. katie in her jeans is everywhere. i heard sucha bad comments on this jeans. i dont know why... i totaly digg them.

  10. this is so totaly true. katie in her jeans is everywhere. i heard sucha bad comments on this jeans. i dont know why... i totaly digg them.

  11. I love the new (...old) style on Katie, they suit her far better! And with the collabo, I really like them to be honest - sooo yay it is!


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