white top, parka, leather trousers: H&M * grey hoodie: Gap * gym bag: Pimkie * shoes: Ashish for Topshop * necklace: Stradivarius

this has been my daily (almost) outfit the last week!
a different necklace or shoes, but you get the idea!
it´s just so easy and comfortable.
thanks to caroline for the inspiration.

anywayz, i can´t wait for these babies to come to mama!
topshop clogstopshop clogs2
what do you think about clogs?
pretty or ugly?
i don´t know about you but i cant wait to pair it with my white dresses and straw hats!

recycled polyester dress

garden collection dresscoatdetailscoat2
dress made out of recycled polyester: The Garden Collection H&M * military coat: Mango * sandals: H&M * watch: Michael Kors * earrings: Chanel

i think i just found my most favorite dress ever!
it looks like a wedding dress but i really don´t care!
i have this in red too (which seems more appropriate), but i think i like it better in cream.
it is so pretty.
i wore this to grab some lunch with the baby and the boy. talk about dressing up!
i wouldn´t mind getting married in this or grabbing another lunch. :)
but to play down the prettiness, i added this military coat from mango which i really really love too.
the weather is not that gorgeous anymore like from the last post but at least i have an excuse to wear my thin coats and jackets again!
i thought that was not gonna happen this year!

if you´re sick of my garden collection posts, i am sorry but there are still loads coming up!
i think i bought half of the collection? ;)
everything is just so pretty and spring-y! not to mention cheap and good for the environment!
wow i sound like an advertisement! but i swear i am not getting paid to do this!

skaterpark meets gardener

garden collection h&mgarden
shoes + socks
top and shorts: H&M Garden Collection * floral socks and sunnies: H&M * wedges: Deichmann * necklace: Promod

here´s my new shorty short bangs for those who requested! ;)
i actually like them first after a few days when they have grown a bit. (we shot this right after my salon trip.)
anywayz, for those who hasn´t had the chance to check out the garden collection yet, you better go tomorrow and have a look!
i am pretty sure you´ll find something that will suit you.
honestly i like almost everything.
so GO! :-)
can you believe i am wearing a top and shorts without tights or a jacket at all?
i am not exaggerating but it is 22 degrees over here!
i had a leather jacket with me but i was just sweating the whole time.
no kidding.


bubbles and stripes

hat, shirt, skirt, cropped denim jacket and tights: H&M * shoes: Primark

i own so many hats but never have the opportunity to wear them all.
so i promised myself to make the effort to wear one each post if it needs one! ;)
what do we think about this one?
anywayz, i had my bangs cut today super short! ;)
and who doesn´t love the natural lighting in these photos? i do!
yay no more rushing-out-of-the-house-because-the-sun-will-be-gone-in-a-sec photoshootings!

what have you all been doing these days guys?

brown tones

striped sweater: H&M * trousers, short trench and open toe booties: Zara * tote (miguel´s diaper bag): Anya Hindmarch * purse: Tod´s * beret: bought in england

i will stop telling you that the weather here in my place is beyond gorgeous because i probably have told you that already!
but it is! the trench was for photos only as it was soo warm!
today i was wearing a skirt, no tights at all and some open toe sandals!
spring is here or summer came too early?
my floral post might have worked.
but hey i am not complaining!
if i have not yet answered your comment or email,
i am probably outside blowing bubbles or eating ice cream with miguel!
it is his first summer where he can run and play outside!
excited mama huh?

anyway, i will answer everyone, just hang in there!


life´s a BUN!

mickey mouse sweater and parka: H&M * skinnies: Bershka * floral boots: Doc Martens

these photos are from last week but they really represent how my mood is today! HAPPY!
my cough is getting better, miguel has fully recovered and things are falling down to where they belong! (too much to enumerate)
anywayz, the weather is getting SPRING-Y! yay!
love sipping smoothies in the balcony and changing our bed sheets to floral mode!
it´s my thing. no floral sheets on winter. weird but totally makes sense in my head!
what gets you excited about spring?


sweater, leather shorts and shoes: H&M Divided * blazer: Zara

i promised myself not to say sorry to you guys if i don´t manage to blog as often as i want to.
this blog is a hobby not a commitment.
BUT in the long run, it turns out, i am sorry to be gone for so long and i feel committed to this blog.
big fat bummer! :)
it´s just that i have "met" the most awesome people thru this blog and i feel like i am missing something if i go on a sick leave or something.
and i was seriously missing out alot in that 5 days i was gone.
miguel was sick and now i am.

anywayz, let´s all say hi to my new work shoes! i have been on a search for some flat-but-not-so-ordinary boots for like FOREVER.
since i will never find the chloe susans even if i had the moolah (everyone who owns it wouldn´t sell it), i had to make do with these.

i will try to keep up with everyone in the little time i have in between my baby´s nap!


if i wear florals, would it be spring?


denim shirt, skirt, rings and belt: H&M * tights and pumps: Primark

in 8 days (?) is the official spring start but here in our place there´s still snow on the ground.
oh no!
a note to winter: everyone´s sick of you!
anywayz, this outfit is meant to be worn without tights but beggars can´t be choosers so tights it is!
the wind was kinda annoying when we shot these pics but i love them anyway!

co-workers, readers, family, friends, THANK YOU!
let´s keep voting! CLICK!

the anatomy of a favorite dress.

dress: H&M Trend

puffy shoulders? CHECK.
hairy (LOL)? CHECK.
sheer? CHECK.
cheap? CHECK.
extraordinary? DOUBLE CHECK.

what more can you ask for?

ps: Hahn (Lifeintravel) is holding a contest and she chose me to be one of the contestants (SO HONORED, all of them are FAB) so if you could all be dolls and vote for me here (if it's not too much to ask?). CLICK!


white shirt: tommy hilfiger * tri blend raglan sweater: american apparel * shorts: zara * tights, knee high socks and boots: H&M * brooch used as bowtie: Sonia Rykiel pour H&M * necklace: Primark * bag: bought via ebay

the weather is like driving me crazy.
one day it´s 17 degrees and the next day it´s snowing so hard like never before.
i think it´s a warning.
enough about the weather already, lets talk fässchheeenn..
i felt like dressing like a schoolboy today for work!
love the compliments i received!
if you´re reading this, you know who you are!

i have been answering comments and emails, so if i missed anyone, give me a shoutout!
am trying my best. :)

happy sunday you guys!



PhotobucketAlign CenterPhotobucketPhotobucket
head to toe: H&M * chain bracelet: ASOS

hey guys!
i feel so bad for not being able to reply to comments and emails as fast as i can.
you see i got back to work and am juggling my time for the baby and the boy. add blogging and cleaning a 115 square meter flat to it and you may know what i mean. ;)
so quick post today, i alloted 10 minutes to make a post and then i am off to do the laundry!
wow, martha stewart move over!