IMG_4933 Kopie IMG_4956 Kopie
braids sweater: STINE GOYA * jeans and hat: H&M * boots: THEYSKENS THEORY 

good morning guys!
it was a whooping 15 degrees yesterday, WOOT!
 but actually when you think about it, 25 degrees more than last weekend, the world is getting crazier by the minute.
anyway, i decided to wear my favorite sweater and ditched the coat as i think it doesn´t need anything to go with it!



IMG_5070 Kopie IMG_4986 Kopie IMG_5120 Kopie IMG_5004 Kopie IMG_5032 Kopie2 IMG_5172 Kopie IMG_5002 Kopie
sweater: HALLHUBER * skirt & hat: H&M * cape: ASOS * boots: ZARA

hey guys!
today i decided to leave the photos as they are without editing as i really like how they turned out (no surprise actually, with a background like this, it could only turn out good!).
anyway, i know some of you have been following this blog way before i got pregnant and now look how this cute little rascal has grown up.
amazing how time flies, no?
i know one day, this smile will get me in trouble.
he flashes this smile whenever he knows he´s done something naughty and i get mad for one second and i forget the bad deed.. my problems, my worries.
i wish it was always so easy like that.
but thankful for that one tiny second where nothing else matters in the world.




IMG_4872 Kopie IMG_4890 Kopie IMG_4844 Kopie IMG_4848 Kopie IMG_4882 Kopie IMG_4876 Kopie
"CINDY" blazer"BONNIE" shorts & "TESS" boots: ACNE * shirt: T BY ALEXANDER WANG * hat: H&M 

good morning guys!
how have you been?
i have dreamt of an ACNE suit since forever and finally the moment arrived when i opted for the "right" thing instead of fun shoes.
it´s either i am growing up (read: getting old) or there are really not much fun shoes at the moment (which i highly doubt, btw).

enjoy the rest of your weekend loves!




DSC_9669 Kopie IMG_4518 Kopie 
IMG_4395 IMG_4348 Kopie IMG_4375 IMG_4079 Kopie IMG_4067 Kopie m1m3 m2m4 DSC_9694 Kopie
outfit pictures taken by Alice (thanks babe!)
i was wearing Maison Martin Margiela x H&M sweater, ISABEL MARANT sneakers and coat, RAG & BONE hat, H&M ripped jeans & MICHAEL KORS watch.

so here´s some snapshots from Madrid!
we got to know the 8 young european designers that are participating the #REIMAGINE contest hosted by C&A.
let me tell you the concept quick: 
all the designers were given plastic spoons, forks and knives and they can freely create an item/ outfit of their choice from the said materials. they were not allowed to "spill" the details of their creations so this just got me more excited. 
some of them studied sculpture, goldsmith, technology and design so i am really looking forward to what they come up with!
the winner gets to donate 10,000 euros to a designer/ designer school of choice, so that´s really something!
i am not playing favorites but the german designer sounds really promising!

so i got to do a "bit" of shopping and meeting my babe Sara the night before the event! she took us to a genuine spanish restaurant where i tasted the best spanish ham ever! of course with mojitos afterwards!

I HEART THEE MADRID. i will be back fo' sure!



IMG_8552 Kopie IMG_8630 Kopie IMG_8568 Kopie IMG_4395 IMG_8554 Kopie IMG_8618 Kopie IMG_8563 Kopie
shirt: COS * jacket: ZARA * jeans: SANDRO * rocco duffel bag (with rose gold hardware): ALEXANDER WANG * hat: RAG&BONE * boots: ISABEL MARANT

hello guys!
here are the first pictures from the #REIMAGINE event hosted by the amazing C&A Group!
these outfit pictures were shot by my friend Silvia who writes the blog BARTABAC at the Matadero in Madrid. thank you babe!
anyway, off to edit more pictures for my madrid photo diary, so stay tuned for that!

ps: my fringe has grown a bit since the HORRIBLE cut so i might go without a hat in a post soon. haha!




IMG_4662 Kopie IMG_4768 Kopie IMG_4733 Kopie IMG_4723 Kopie IMG_4769 Kopie IMG_4595 Kopie
leopard suit: H&M TREND * top: WEEKDAY * pumps: ZARA * cap: NIKE

this is what i came home to. it´s pretty for the backdrop i admit, but it is just too friggin cold!!
this suit is another madrid shopping find. so STELLA MCCARTNEY, non?
anyway, enjoy your sunday guys.
i am off ice skating (read: stand pretty behind the rink, oops) with my boys. 



IMG_4162 Kopie IMG_4181 IMG_4214 Kopie IMG_4218 IMG_4232 Kopie
sweater & skirt: H&M * boots: THEYSKENS THEORY * bag: ALEXANDER WANG * hat: RAG&BONE

hello guys!
finally back home in freezing and snowing germany.
it was 12 degrees in madrid when i left (though windy and gloomy), still 20 degrees more than here in my hometown. BRRRR..
anyway, it was an amazing 3 days in spain with C&A and a lot of bloggers all around europe. :)
i had a great time and i can´t wait to tell you about the REIMAGINE Project by C&A!
i got to know 8 young, up & coming designers whose stories really made me love fashion even more.

PS: this BALMAIN- esque sweater is oh- em- gee. i wish i had a belt with me to cinch it and a more petticoat-ish leather skirt to complete the resort 2013 look!



IMG_4050 Kopie IMG_3924 Kopie IMG_3950 IMG_3912 Kopie IMG_4002
denim shirt: COS * pleather pants: NEW YORKER * taylor boots: THEYSKENS THEORY * belt: H&M * hat: RAG&BONE 

OFF TO MADRID for an exciting C&A event with some of my lovely blogger friends!
never been there so you can imagine my excitement!
these boots are on my luggage so let´s hope to God i don´t loose my luggage again (very lucky when it comes to that!)

see you in a few!