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i have been typing and deleting, typing and deleting.
so hard to find the words to express how i felt on Sept. 5, 2015.
my baby has turned one.
i didn´t expect that we would turn one.
neither did i expect that you would still be there to celebrate this milestone with me.
i am turning 30 and all that i have ever dreamt of has come true.
my own successful store. a second baby boy. a very smart 7 year old kid.
if i would be given a chance to do it all over again, i wouldn´t do anything else!
for those of you thinking about opening your own store, leaving your jobs, starting new, i would just say, please, DO IT.
if it doesn´t work out, at least you´ve tried.

Screenshot 2015-10-07 14.32.34
 i am thinking of upgrading some of our deco, a comfy chair in the corner and just making the store more cozy.
here are some knick knacks i would like to have.
Thank you Maisons du Monde for the support. Without you, this wouldn´t have been possible.
Thank you Kitchen Aid Germany, for the equipments, for without it, there wouldn´t be Cupcakes in Couture & Cupcakes.
Farrow and Ball for making my store as pretty as it is.
miaVilla for the Couch and Chairs that has made this place a little comfortable for the guys!
 Mr. Wonderful for the Tote Bags.
Zoeva for the Goodies.
Arizona for the Iced Tea we all enjoyed!




from left to right: 
strawberry pillow, wooden house bookshelf, strawberry poster, rainbow mobile
baby bed, wooden house shelf
baby cot, hot air balloon lamp, happy rug

hey guys!
time flies by so fast. our baby is almost 3 months old. it feels like just yesterday when he was still in my tummy.
so far, we´ve been so lucky with his sleeping habits!
he sleeps 8 hours straight at night and is generally a very well behaved boy, THANK GOD!
he loves to smile and talk to strangers and he loves his older brother so much.
Miguel has been a very great help to all of us and he is very protective of his brother.
i thought at first that it´s going to be hard for him as he was the only child for 6 years.
he has proven us wrong though! 

i am working full time again and just have sunday as my free day.
i can only shop and browse online!
luckily, Maisons du Monde just launched their new Junior Collection.
these knick knacks are a great addition to our little boys almost white room. the strawberry accents are so cute and bring life to the space!



Raphael Kopie image image Maisons du Monde Louis Chairs

Maisons du Monde St. Germain Mode Junkie image Maisons du Monde Mary Chair & Table 

Maisons du Monde Mode Junkie Catalogue you can get the newest Maisons du Monde Catalogue in the store.

image image
Chocolate Raspberry Cake with Mascarpone Buttercream Frosting 

hey guys!
it has been a while since my last post here, which is extremely fatal in this blogging age.
i am still amazed how you can "follow" so many people on a day to day basis, as if they´re your close friends!
you have been a part of my giving birth to baby Raphael, my opening party for Couture & Cupcakes and soon, my turning 3-0. eek!
in instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat (where i have decided not to join, to those who´ve asked) and of course the blog. what did i miss?
my life may seem so glamorous, especially on these social media channels, but truth is, i have two kids now, a cupcake/ clothes shop, a blog business to run and a household to manage.
it is not that glamorous as it is stressful.
i partly blame pinterest for suggesting that an average mom can throw dreamy baby shower parties, bake gorgeous cakes, look sexy in high heels and still breastfeed.
i put so much pressure on myself to be the perfect blogger, business owner, girlfriend, mom and human being that i sometimes feel insufficient when something doesn´t go as planned.
i would like to give courage to all my readers though, who have been a part of this crazy rollercoaster ride, that everything is not photographed.
the ugly moments are better kept away from instagram.
the unsuccessful breastfeeding attempts, the destroyed cakes, the stretch marks!!, the ugly outfits thrown in a hurry as not to miss Miguel´s school and list goes on.

so don´t be fooled by all the pretty pictures, we are all in this together.


i know that you don´t need any reminding that this coming May 10, Sunday, it is Mother´s Day.
i have been a strong believer that we don´t need a special day to remind us how amazing our moms are, but in this crazy fast paced internet generation, where communication with mom seems to be only successful through Whatsapp, Instagram or Snapchat (eek!), i may have joined the dark side!
it is good to know that there is that one special day in a year that´s only dedicated to me (yasss, selfish, so what?) aside from my birthday.
i don´t really need/ want much, aside from a full body massage and a day to myself in the Maldives (all impossible to fulfill at the moment), but i have decided to publish a list of cute things your mommas would like.
today is about interior.
i tend to buy stuff because they´re practical and they won´t get dirty easily even though i would prefer something wayyy nicer. a pink lounge chair + foot rest, for example.
Maisons du Monde´s new catalog (you can order yours here) has been released and my list of pretty things is getting longer.
 Another gift i would be so happy to receive is this flower flatrate (AMAZING, i know, right?) from Bloomy Days. 
i do love walking through the flower market but with just two weeks to go before my due date, i just can´t drag my fat belly to the market anymore. 
would love for them to be delivered right to my doorstep! wouldn´t you?

are you planning special for your moms?