seeing double




  • no paparazzi for me today.
  • you can all fool yourselves for buying that t for alexander wang shirt (don't get me wrong i love him to death but 200 bucks for a frigging basic tanktop?) and convince yourselves that it is kinda like cashmere. no it isn't. this gap shirt however feels like cashmere. for 5 euros. beat that.
  • this wanna-be hippie headband is actually a bracelet. i just added a garter on the ends.
  • i am hittin the sack as miguel decided to sleep earlier than normal. thanks babe. i love you.

Cult Club


comme des garcons x h&m reconstructed jacket
aa tank
cult club necklace (thanks itsumi)


love this necklace to pieces.
but it's kinda fragile so it must be handled with care which i so suck at.
if you want to visit her etsy store (it's currently out of stock but you can email her when she's restocking, that's what i did), click here.

to those blogs who require word verification, guys it's not working.
just want to let you know.

that's all. :)

playing with hue & contrast


breaking in my new shoeses!
i just can't get over the very large bow in the middle.
it's SOOO made for me.
and these acid wash denim leggings are so comfy and warm,
i don't want to get out of it anymore.

i am like on a diy high.
i have been bleaching, studding and destroying things i see.
this is DANGEROUS people!

should i stud this some more?
rivets or something?
my boyf said it's like studding his pants around his you know where.
as it is accenting my non existent boobies. haha.
he's so funny, i love it.


hey guys.
thanks for the lovely comments on the last post.
i got this sick biker jacket from my h&m trip yesterday.
it reminds me of balenciaga and i love the soft buttery faux leather.
this bandage skirt is far more better than my aa interlock ones.
good job, h&m.
anyway, follow me at twitter here.
if you're not there yet, i tell you, you're missing out.
it's addicting and the community is nice.
if i am not home, then i am definitely twitterin from my iphone.
c yah there guys!

that's all.

Luella for the Poor

the inspiration.

as i have mentioned before, i hate to wear stuff when the hype is so high.
studs are an exemption, though.
i loved this luella look since but as expected every teenage girl around the world were wearing rara skirts, i decided to let it cool for a while.
million runway looks after, i am ready to show you my luella imitation. :)

shirt, cardigan, tights & glasses: H&M
skirt: Zara
heeled Docs: Mango

i went out of the house like this.
without that funny face of course. (but i do love to make faces. hihi)
remarks from the boyfriend:
"must you wear those faux glasses?"
yessir, i must.

how do we feel about my diy vintage faux eyeglasses?
i have too much time on my hands.



bow = love
donna karan collection= double love

winter wonderland


this is my go-to winter dress when i don't know what to wear.
even if i look crap in it compared to my girl daria.
this is one of those moments again when i am head to toe (shoes, too!) H&M.
pathetic, isn't it?
seriously, i should get paid doing ads for them.


this was me today.
it was snowing but it was relatively not that cold.
c'mon summer. c'mon.

Post Valentine Post


hey guys! :)
i just had the best valentines ever.
got this from my babe.
(the mom of my two teddies)
now, we're complete.
thanks again sweetie.
and i won nini's valentine sephora giveaway.
double yay!

and to you my precious valentine, thanks for making mommy's life even sweeter.


yesterday, we just had a super chillax sunday.
breakfast + a walk on the park.




wearing my 'minnie' skirt from asos.
it's pretty cool as i am huge minnie fan..
asos is kinda addicting.
must. stop. SOON.


the inspiration:

rodarte s/s 09


ok, this idea wasn't mine. shini did a better job than me and she explained it really well on her blog. check it out. it's worth a glance. and she's selling some pretty rad shoes. if you're a uk 6, then hurry.

rolling stones


just pictures today.
i have a crying baby to attend to. :)
just want to show you my new rolling stones shirt/ dress.
in love.
with both.
rolling stones & shirt.
love yah.

Too Much In One Post

ok, first of all, my asos (1 of 3) order came today and i heart everything!
this ring.. can it be any BIGGER? i think NOT!

secondly, my sissy Laura was so sweet and kind to send me this wonderful 'Wish' bracelet.
it is gorgeous beyond words. can't thank you enough.
check her blog out because she just did this 'i love tea' necklace with a matching tiny teaspoon.
the girl has an eye for details, i tell ya!

a close-up of my hand bracelet. :)

thirdly (lol), this was me yesterday.
everything h&m except for the skirt. it's from asos.

fourthly (i don't think that is a word), we were in town today and i got these crazy cute teddy bears.
i could not decide which one, so i got both.
did i mention i started to have a secret thing for teddy bears?
especially when they look burberry-ish or something.

my obligatory 'me and my cute teddies' pose.

finally, this is me today. what's underneath that coat, you don't want to see. it's boring to the nth level.

ok, i'm gonna stop now.
that's what happens when you forget to blog for a day.
you blabber too much.
i blabber too much.

Sunday Bloody Sunday


turtleneck top, tights and belt: H&M
shorts (not seen): Bershka
asymmetrical dress: COS
booties: Givenchy
scarf: Pimkie

i love sunday photo shoots.
there no people on the streets and i can actually werk my poses. HA!
we went to ikea yesterday and i was so shy as my paparazzi took shots in the living rooms i pretended to be mine.
i <3 ikea by the way.

My sissy Laura tagged me to show my blog spot.
Here are the rules:
1. Once you are tagged, post a picture of where you blog.
2. Feel free to tell us a little about your space, or explain certain items in more detail. Or not.
3. Link back Daddy Likey's original post.
4. Tag five other bloggers to show their blog spots.
5. If you are tagged and do not participate, you will become allergic to cabbage.

i don't have a desk whatsoever and my blogspot is my bed most of the time. it can also be our couch, which you've also already seen.
miguel sits with me 99% of the time. it's practical that way. multitasking, people. :)

i am tagging hande, vera & nini. that is if you guys can be bothered. :)


in my fantasy world, my bestfriend is throwing a party and i am wearing this.

in reality, it is friggin cold and i must wear this. :)

the boyf is getting better with the cam (reading online guides and tutorials and trying them out on me) and he teaches me every single new thing he has learned. i love him.
thank you for the lovely compliments on my baby. it just makes my heart fatter. it's a better feeling than receiving own compliments. i can not explain.


Lookie Who's Got a New Camera!

can't wait to play with my new toy. thanks to all the sponsors. :)

XS tagged me to do this 'Getting to Know You' meme. Here goes:

Describe your personal style.
cannot tell that yet. i am still quite testing the waters and truly searching for what my personal style is.

What are the staples in your wardrobe?
my little black dress. or dresses. a pair of black classic pumps. leather jacket. and my aa raglan sweater. :)

What’s your signature look?
oh my god, this is so hard. i think it's sweater + shorts + tights + leather jacket combo. but i am not sure. i don't think i have a signature look. i wear what i feel like.

Who is your fashion muse?
i think it's erin wasson. or at least, it's her style i wanna have.

Favorite purchase of all time?
can this be any harder? i think it's my Givenchy open toe boots. i could not stop wearing them for days.

Biggest splurge?
my new dslr camera. yay for me.

What’s your beauty routine?
obagi face wash + toner + eye moisturizer + olay night cream

What jewelry do you never take off?
this necklace my ex-husband gave me. it doesn't make me think of him but it definitely reminds me of my past that i am not ashamed of. it has been around my neck for three years now.

What are you wishing for?
a very fun vacation with the boyf in the philippines, a good life i can give miguel and a chanel 2.55.

What are your obsessions?
my baby's smell & smile (no shoe could ever replace.)

i am tagging: laura, dane & milli.

i wanna get to know you guys more!


and anna from paperdolldiaries gave me this award. thanks girl! :)
i am giving this award to all who are in my links because i truly think your blog is fabulous!