#INTERIOR: The Chair Lady

Maisons du Monde Louis Chair Pink Couture & Cupcakes Mode Junkie Maisons du Monde Louis Chair Pink Couture & Cupcakes Mode Junkie
Maisons du Monde Louis Chair Pink Couture & Cupcakes Mode Junkie
 hey guys!
today, i am showing you a favorite corner in the store, our workstation!
we move alot around here, but i really like this nook. 
this is where the magic happens, lol!
love the grungy appeal of the walls, which we made by ourselves (humble brag) and the intricate carvings on my favorite pink chair and table.
lately, i have found myself buying different chairs and mixing and matching! 
SO MUCH FUN, you should try!



cappuccino cupcakes Couture Cupcakes Offenburg Mode Junkie Ladencappuccino cupcakes Couture Cupcakes Offenburg Mode Junkie Laden 1. Cappuccino Cupcakes with Caramel Espresso Frosting

one thing i definitely miss because of the pregnancy, aside from from a cocktail here and there, is COFFEE! i usually drink 5 cups a day (i know, unhealthy!) but had to reduce to one cup a day. que, horror!! i came up with a super smart alternative though... Cappuccino Cupcakes!! I just make an espresso with my favorite KitchenAid Espresso Maker and mix it on my trusted vanilla cupcake recipe, fold in some chocolate chips and ta-daahhh!
Would you be interested in Recipes here in the blog?

2. Sale, Sale, Sale Everywhere!
 i have not made a lot of purchases in terms of clothes and shoes lately (hello doctor, i might be sick) but whenever i get the chance to surf the internet, my first look is always furniture. 
we are looking for a bigger flat and i can´t wait to find the perfect one and put all these interior inspirations in my head to work!
everybody seems to be on the minimalistic high, but even though i like it too, i know, with two little rascals soon in tow, #allwhiteeverything isn´t just gonna make it.
i personally want a reduced bohemian for a small corner of the house.
all the items here are on sale at Maisons du Monde, so click away!
3. The Best Acne Velocite Jacket Alternative

we recently set up our temporary online shop on Tictail as we are not yet done with the permanent one!
you can still get this jacket (only 2 pieces left) HERE.

and last but not the least, the KitchenAid winner is....  Luisa (süß und cremig).
I will send you an email tonight!
Thank you to everyone who joined!