You're Gonna Be a Shopaholic too! :)

dear baby,

by the time you learn how to read, i hope mommy is still blogging about fashion.
then you'll understand the whole point of this post. :)

this is your first pair of expensive sneakers. you're gonna be so cool among the babies in the playground. you'll have 5 girlfriends by the time you're 2 months old. haha. NOT!

but like mommy, you'll gonna need an extra pair. who doesn't right? daddy thinks i'm training you well too early. i may regret this by the time you ask me to buy you guccis. but as mommy trained you, fashion is not about labels. OK?
i hope you don't mind that i prepared some outfits for you already. don't worry the normal stuff is in the closet. you don't need to play dress up everyday. i know for a fact that is sooo stressing. but apple green is cute right? blue for boys is overrated, i know. i tried telling daddy that too!

so as we go out of the hospital, it's gonna be chilly. the start of autumn i think. mommy bought you your first military jacket, which i am sooo gonna wear if only i could fit inside it. JOKE. so depending on who's faster, you or us, the outfit on the right is for your 'future' girlfriend or your 'future' baby sister. :) (i was hoping you would be a baby girl, but don't be mad, i bought this dress even before i knew i was pregnant... but now we can not wait to see our little heartbreaker/ football player!)

mommy and daddy ♥

The Day My Life Changed...

is the day i learned that you were growing inside me.

you washed away all my fears, the day you started kicking.

you introduced me to an all new aspect of happiness, the day you looked at me in that small monitor.

please come out healthy and brave, that's all i ask of you.

i will take good care of you, care for you and love you unconditionally.

i can't wait to see you.



this was not your typical baby shower. i threw it for myself and not somebody else for me. i hate surprises and i hate parties that aren't according to my liking. i didn't want stork decorations all over the house. i just wanted this balloon garland (which my boyfriend did for me)

and all the food that would be served was everything what i wished for. i made sushi, spring rolls, rice, chicken curry, pasta, tomato and mozzarella and tons of dessert


(flan, mango float and a baby cake which my friend baked for me).

i didn't want corny baby games, so i decided it would be a karaoke night. i have this special microphone (magic sing), it's a mic that has 1100 songs in it. it has a keypad on it, type the song number (from the song list) and then you sing. :) simple mechanism but very fun. the party started at 8 and ended at 3 am. it was really a blast!


i also did not want to unpack gifts the whole night and the spotlight on me. so what they did, they all contributed and bought me one gift. something i really need. a very cool car seat. it has so many functions, it's like the bmw for car seats. haha.


the PROS.

don't get me wrong. i don't find this whole pregnancy a disaster. it's wonderful. :) even for a neophyte like me.

1. i can now work half as hard as i did before. HAHA. ;) (everybody's like, "Hey, take it slow. You're pregnant.")

2. i can now eat twice the normal portion as i usually do. without receiving THE look.

3. i can be moody and expect that my boyfriend will understand. it's the HORMONES!

4. i can order watermelon in the middle of winter if i want to, and i don't care how or where the hell he gets it, i want it.

5. when my baby moves (and he does this often), it's crazy but it makes me sooo happy to know he's there. inside me. growing.

6. i have never been excited for a doctors appointment ever in my life except, NOW. i love ultrasound. not only feeling him, also seeing him. :)

7. funny part, every time i hear get low by florida on the radio, he kicks. :) what a cool boy i have growing inside me.


9. and everytime my boyfriend talks to the baby in my tummy, i just feel like crying. EVERYTIME. we have these all kinds of baby magazines given by the doctor, and in one of them was, "... the baby in the seventh month can now recognize the mother's voice, blah blah blah...", and so he talks to the baby as often as he could so that the baby could as well recognize his voice.

i don't know if i missed something here and this may sound as cliche, but pregnancy completes me as a woman. no offense to women who are not able to be pregnant (i don't mean you're incomplete), but it is really euphoria knowing that you are growing a new life inside you. it's such a wonder.

the CONS.

i really don't know what to tell you about my pregnancy, but i will try. based on my experience, it can be the most wonderful thing that could happen to a girl but can also suck big time. why? here's why:

1. my pants dont fit me anymore. (they do, but the buttons won't close. buttons open= pants will fall down)

2. can't buy bigger clothes because it's impractical. i would like to think that i would return to my original size. hoping and wishing and praying.

3. won't resort to pregnancy clothes either. waste of money.

4. morning sickness and all that shit.

5. can't eat sushi. this is soo hard. i admit i cheated 1 (or maybe 2 or 3) times. sorry.

6. can't smoke, which a good thing on the other hand. but there are times when the cancer sticks look very very tempting.

7. i miss coffee and cola. not that i completely stopped drinking but not so much like i did before. CAFFEINE ADDICT. haha

8. the pain. (hip, back, leg, WHOLE BODY)

9. my heels would have to rest for some months now.

10. the fear of having the stretch marks. and bye bye bikinis forever. thus, applying bottles and bottles of cream every night.

and, THE LABOR. don't even get me started on that one. i am scared to death. i am such a weakling.

The Mode Junkie is Pregnant! :)

ok, so i have been completely alienating my blog for a while now. but i have a very REASONABLE reason (haha) to explain. ;) i am 7 months pregnant. YES. all the while i was posting my what i wore outfits, i was pregnant.

so this is just a quick update. i have done a 'demi moore ala vanity fair photoshoot with my tummy, so i'll post them as soon as i get hold of the pics.

i love you guys. i hope you haven't forgotten about me. i am not doing an agathe move here.
i am so excited to inject baby and soon-to-be-mommy fashion in this blog soon. oh my god, i will have to do a long post of my last shopping trip to the baby department in h&m!

my friends are throwing me a baby shower, and here's the invitation. i volunteered to do it. lurve photoshop. :)

and yes it's a baby boy!