this was not your typical baby shower. i threw it for myself and not somebody else for me. i hate surprises and i hate parties that aren't according to my liking. i didn't want stork decorations all over the house. i just wanted this balloon garland (which my boyfriend did for me)

and all the food that would be served was everything what i wished for. i made sushi, spring rolls, rice, chicken curry, pasta, tomato and mozzarella and tons of dessert


(flan, mango float and a baby cake which my friend baked for me).

i didn't want corny baby games, so i decided it would be a karaoke night. i have this special microphone (magic sing), it's a mic that has 1100 songs in it. it has a keypad on it, type the song number (from the song list) and then you sing. :) simple mechanism but very fun. the party started at 8 and ended at 3 am. it was really a blast!


i also did not want to unpack gifts the whole night and the spotlight on me. so what they did, they all contributed and bought me one gift. something i really need. a very cool car seat. it has so many functions, it's like the bmw for car seats. haha.



  1. I'm sure u sang Le Ann Rimes' Can't Fight The Moonlight. lol. di ba day? Hihi

  2. sieht aus als hättet ihr jede Menge Spaß gehabt. Leider kann ich so eine Babyparty nicht machen, da meine Freundinnen alle kreuz und quer in Deutschland und auf der ganzen Welt verteilt sind :-(

  3. korek kaau maam! all time favorite karaoke song! :)

    anne: ohh ja. schade. genauso geht es auch bei mir. fast alle waren ja nur arbeitskolleginnen. am besten wuerde ich alle meine friends von den philippinen hierher bringen!

  4. Hey congrats!
    I stumbled onto your blog a few months ago and truly think you have a wonderful life. you always look so cheerful and of course fashionable. Haha, I'm the same age as you but my life is nowhere near as fabulous and exciting!

  5. oops sorry, I don't understand german and must have clicked 'publish comment' a few times. only realised my mistake after doing a babelfish translation.

  6. You are an absolute gorgeous mommy-to-be, bb! I'm so excited for you. Your shower looked like a great time!

    Thank you so much for the sweet, sweet comment and vote. I really appreciate it.

    I would love to link! xoox

  7. congrats cai!im sure gwapo kaau imong anak! happy for you girl..mwah!

    p.s. kalisod ba mag comment diri oi...i have to figure out pa asa dri ang "submit"..hahaha...

  8. it looks like u had fun here !!

  9. oh wow i stopped checking by for a while cos you weren't posting heh but oooh congratulations!!! have you thought of a name for your baby? i'm really happy for you!

    - kay.

  10. I just noticed the pink Chucks in your header! awesome! :) thanks for the great comment.

  11. clara: yes it's fun but it's not always fab. i also have my down times too! but thanks for dropping by. am glad to entertain you all with my life. :)
    no worries! i fixed that already.

    laurel: thanks! i've linked you already! hope you really win!

    te rhods: hehe. paningkamot mode! unta gwapo no, kanang model ang dating para pede mg-artista dha sa pinas. char! stage mother.

    mr. style! indeed it was!

    fashion is poison: thanks!

    kay: that's the biggest problem as of the moment. suggestions are welcomed though.

    fashion chalet: thanks! i love pink chucks!


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