the PROS.

don't get me wrong. i don't find this whole pregnancy a disaster. it's wonderful. :) even for a neophyte like me.

1. i can now work half as hard as i did before. HAHA. ;) (everybody's like, "Hey, take it slow. You're pregnant.")

2. i can now eat twice the normal portion as i usually do. without receiving THE look.

3. i can be moody and expect that my boyfriend will understand. it's the HORMONES!

4. i can order watermelon in the middle of winter if i want to, and i don't care how or where the hell he gets it, i want it.

5. when my baby moves (and he does this often), it's crazy but it makes me sooo happy to know he's there. inside me. growing.

6. i have never been excited for a doctors appointment ever in my life except, NOW. i love ultrasound. not only feeling him, also seeing him. :)

7. funny part, every time i hear get low by florida on the radio, he kicks. :) what a cool boy i have growing inside me.


9. and everytime my boyfriend talks to the baby in my tummy, i just feel like crying. EVERYTIME. we have these all kinds of baby magazines given by the doctor, and in one of them was, "... the baby in the seventh month can now recognize the mother's voice, blah blah blah...", and so he talks to the baby as often as he could so that the baby could as well recognize his voice.

i don't know if i missed something here and this may sound as cliche, but pregnancy completes me as a woman. no offense to women who are not able to be pregnant (i don't mean you're incomplete), but it is really euphoria knowing that you are growing a new life inside you. it's such a wonder.

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