The Mode Junkie is Pregnant! :)

ok, so i have been completely alienating my blog for a while now. but i have a very REASONABLE reason (haha) to explain. ;) i am 7 months pregnant. YES. all the while i was posting my what i wore outfits, i was pregnant.

so this is just a quick update. i have done a 'demi moore ala vanity fair photoshoot with my tummy, so i'll post them as soon as i get hold of the pics.

i love you guys. i hope you haven't forgotten about me. i am not doing an agathe move here.
i am so excited to inject baby and soon-to-be-mommy fashion in this blog soon. oh my god, i will have to do a long post of my last shopping trip to the baby department in h&m!

my friends are throwing me a baby shower, and here's the invitation. i volunteered to do it. lurve photoshop. :)

and yes it's a baby boy!


  1. GOOD LORD! CONGRATULATION! Herzlichen Glückwunsch und alles Beste für Dich und Dein Bebe!

    I actually waited for you to post whether or not you finally did buy those shoes from I'm Walking you had posted a while back. Well, needless to say that you are right to take all the time you want! Ha, I am so excited for you! Good luck!

  2. congratulations! These are happy news! Is it gonna be a girl or boy? How exciting! I'm sure you're now a happy and all time smiling girl while being pregnant! :)

    The maxi dress is indeed by H&M, I snap the last dress in my size (Divided black) very comfy and nice to wear. The pink dress is lovely, right? I thought it was peach as well but lucky me a friend could buy it and it's even better in pink!

  3. aaaaww congrats to you!! :) and its a boy!! that's SUPER!! :):) im sure ur gonna make a really cute baby (not that i was stalking u, but i saw ur previous entries and u and ur hubby look good together.. was that the paris shot? :))

    glad ur back!! btw, i wouldnt have thought u were pregnant cos ure so slim! and u wud make a wonderful, blooming momy! pls do update us! :)

  4. thanks vicky! :)
    very excited. new chapter of my life. ;)

  5. Ich habe mich schon sehr gewundert warum keine Posts mehr kommen! Aber der Grund entschuldigt natürlich alles :). Ich wünsche dir, deinem Baby und deinem Mann alles alles Gute.

  6. @ fruchtzwerg: thanks! it's a boy. oh it's not all smiles. it can be very painful sometimes too!

    haven't seen the dress. weird. ;) oh yes, the dress is very lovely. soo jealous. i also share your predicament of not having an H&M trend department in my h&m and no COS too! i always have to drive all the way to stuttgart just to check it out.

    pammish: oh i just wish he's healthy! (if he turns out cute then why not,right?) :) i would like to have a bigger tummy though because i have the feeling people think i just kinda ate too much as rather being preggy. if u know what i mean! :) SOOO GLAD TO BE BACK!

  7. @mode-junkie: seriously you drive to Stuttgart? Then I have to tell you the bad news, it's the H&M department in Stuttgart which doesn't offer Trend anymore :(. So that I missed you several times in Stuttgart ;)

  8. Congratulations! Such good news!

  9. Herzlichen Glückwunsch und willkommen im Club. Auch von mir gibt es ja keine "ich tag heute dieses und jenes" Beiträge - genau aus dem selben Grund. Ich bin auch im ende vom 7. Monat schwanger, bekomme auch einen Jungen. Ich war übrigens gestern auch Power-Shoppen, in einem Schwangerschaftsladen Namens Bauchgefühl in Konstanz. Und ich hab mich halb tot gekauft. Wusste gar nicht, dass es so tolle Sachen für Schwangere gibt. Werde demnächst auch mal ein paar von den Kleidern posten, nachdem meine Schwester mich schon genötigt hat, jetzt endlich mal Baby-Bauch Fotos zu machen...

  10. @meri: danke danke! er ist uebrigens noch nicht meinen Mann. :) ich warte noch auf meine schedung. :)

    @ fruchtzwerg: yes! :) are you from stuttgart? ohhh i'd love to bump into you in h&m! haha! i'll tell you the next time i'm going. we can shop together and use my discount card! haha

    @nadine: THANK YOU!

    @anne: ohh ja post mal die bilder. vielleicht fahre ich auch mal weil in h&m gibt's echt nicht so tolles. und sonst bekommt man hier nirgends. haha! ;) dann CONGRATULATIONS to u too! ich werde mal auch meine bauch fotos posten sobald ich die habe. :)

  11. Alles alles Gute dir und deinem Sohn. Das ist mal eine freudige NAchricht!!!


  12. ohhhmein g´tttttt ich gratuliere dir!wow alles alle gute für dich und den jungen! noch mal wow!


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