the CONS.

i really don't know what to tell you about my pregnancy, but i will try. based on my experience, it can be the most wonderful thing that could happen to a girl but can also suck big time. why? here's why:

1. my pants dont fit me anymore. (they do, but the buttons won't close. buttons open= pants will fall down)

2. can't buy bigger clothes because it's impractical. i would like to think that i would return to my original size. hoping and wishing and praying.

3. won't resort to pregnancy clothes either. waste of money.

4. morning sickness and all that shit.

5. can't eat sushi. this is soo hard. i admit i cheated 1 (or maybe 2 or 3) times. sorry.

6. can't smoke, which a good thing on the other hand. but there are times when the cancer sticks look very very tempting.

7. i miss coffee and cola. not that i completely stopped drinking but not so much like i did before. CAFFEINE ADDICT. haha

8. the pain. (hip, back, leg, WHOLE BODY)

9. my heels would have to rest for some months now.

10. the fear of having the stretch marks. and bye bye bikinis forever. thus, applying bottles and bottles of cream every night.

and, THE LABOR. don't even get me started on that one. i am scared to death. i am such a weakling.


  1. the big PRO: you hold a wonderful baby in your arms and will love hime more than anything in the world. And extra plus: you're one of the most beautiful pregnant woman I have seen so far :)

  2. GREAT "about me". i'm still working on mine, but it will be no where as interesting as yours!

  3. day, make duster FASYON. lol

  4. @fruchtzwerg: i know. i will do an
    extra long post about the PROS dont worry. :) thanks for the compliment!

    @terren: thanks. great blog by the way!

    @spiegeleule: thanks. h&m, wherelse?

    @mamamel: korek! carry na!

  5. oow im really gonna get hooked here! reading ur pregnancy stories and all those stuffs :) its near na! (not that im scaring you tho haha :)

    collect as many baby doll/ trapeze / empire / oversized men's shirt as u can! :) they'd still look fab after the angel came out!

  6. Oh that's really bad - but the little boy is worth the trouble! And I agree: GREAT "about me"!

  7. well.. in the end you are going to have a lovely baby! your own little baby! and it's going to be the best thing in the world!

  8. aww, i'm sure it will certainly all be worth it in a short amount of time. congrats! i had no idea you were pregnant in all those photos!

  9. you will be fine! when you hold your baby in your hand you will feel it is all worth it!

  10. @nadine: thanks!i know that all these pain i have in the moment would be all forgotten once i have him in my arms. ohhh, i'm getting teary eyed now. ;)

    @saray: I KNOW. I AM SO EXCITED!:) i hope he turns out healthy and fine.

    @terren: haha. my tummy is not that big to think i am in the seventh month. would like it to be a little bigger though.

    @taghrid: do you also have a baby? because this is exactly what all the mommies tell me. :)

  11. A trick from Sofia Coppola that I read somewhere regarding the pants that won't fit during pregnancy is rubber band! Hold/tie around the button with a rubber band.


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