You're Gonna Be a Shopaholic too! :)

dear baby,

by the time you learn how to read, i hope mommy is still blogging about fashion.
then you'll understand the whole point of this post. :)

this is your first pair of expensive sneakers. you're gonna be so cool among the babies in the playground. you'll have 5 girlfriends by the time you're 2 months old. haha. NOT!

but like mommy, you'll gonna need an extra pair. who doesn't right? daddy thinks i'm training you well too early. i may regret this by the time you ask me to buy you guccis. but as mommy trained you, fashion is not about labels. OK?
i hope you don't mind that i prepared some outfits for you already. don't worry the normal stuff is in the closet. you don't need to play dress up everyday. i know for a fact that is sooo stressing. but apple green is cute right? blue for boys is overrated, i know. i tried telling daddy that too!

so as we go out of the hospital, it's gonna be chilly. the start of autumn i think. mommy bought you your first military jacket, which i am sooo gonna wear if only i could fit inside it. JOKE. so depending on who's faster, you or us, the outfit on the right is for your 'future' girlfriend or your 'future' baby sister. :) (i was hoping you would be a baby girl, but don't be mad, i bought this dress even before i knew i was pregnant... but now we can not wait to see our little heartbreaker/ football player!)

mommy and daddy ♥


  1. You are too wonderful to come by and read my novel of an entry. I loved reading your contribution. Don't you love it, whether it's long and lanky or your (beautiful) owl eyes - people will find the negativity in everything, without knowing a single thing about that persons' individual experience. Thank you so much for stopping by to tell your story, love. You really are going to be a wonderful mommy, thank you for putting a smile on my face.


  2. aaw these are so cute! :) raising a shopaholic? i wish my mom was that considerate too! hihi :)

    congrats both of you!

  3. Sehr schöner Text :). Ich finde es sehr interessant zu sehen und zu lesen, wie du dich in der Schwangerschaft entwickelst und was in dir vorgeht. Ein schönes Foto von euch beiden, dein Baby kann sich jetzt schon freuen solche Eltern zu haben ;)

  4. This post is adorable. I wish all mothers did that, and showed them to their children later. It is so heart-felt!

    Are you expecting a boy then? You must be so excited.

    Happy for you both (or more precisely three:))

  5. day, panukad na kaayo oi. hihi. nice the baby shoes. you will probably raise a carrie, good luck na lang.hihi. btw, i tagged u. see my blog for details.

  6. hi modejunkie! i cant believe u said clubbin there is boring? wah!

    we shud contact each other when u go home, lets party! haha :)

    btw, ill TAG YOU!!! :)

  7. I'd love to trade links, fashionable mommy-to-be:)) Added you:)

  8. laurel: i just wish i can teach my child to be a nice person. nothing like these people who judge others as
    if they''re better.

    always love to drop by your wonderful site!

    pammish: yes. a true blood shopaholic. haha!i wished my mom had better taste though. vintage is soo in. i'm keeping all these stuff for my daughter! if ever!

    meri: danke! hahaha. ich hoffe dass ich gut genug bin. ich bin selbst ein baby! haha. aber ich freu mich schon sehr.

  9. ida: ohhh thanks! i added you already too! yes i'm having a boy. i wish my mom had time for doing these stuff before. but i guess blogging was not yet really in at that time. haha!

    mamamel: lagi manukad na jud ui. unsaon na lang. :) thanks for the tag! hehe

    pammy: ohh i think it's only boring here in my place. because i live far far away from civilization. haha. joke. no, but i think in berlin or munich it's different. thanks for the tag!

    lauren: thanks for the tag! i'll work on it now!

  10. Mensch, sind die Sachen süß.
    Hm...glaub ich mag auch ein kleines Baby...oder ich sag meinen älteren Bruder, er soll endlich mal schauen, dass sich in dieser Richtung was tut :-)

    Ich wette du wirst so eine tolle Mummy. Musste lächeln, als ich das gelesen habe und das Kind wird eine tolle Mami haben und ein großartiger Mensch werden!!


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