fabulous friday finds. FFF


asos is shipping for 1 euro to germany so i obviously took advantage.
d&g sunglasses
statement ring, we all need one, right?
and this skirt, thanks yulanda!

and damn you aa for this.
why do you have to make the raglan so comfy?
i got it in tri black and tri orchid.
plus this racerback tank.
i am wondering why aa is so addicting although it's only actually overpriced basics which you can also buy at high street stores.

are we tired with faux-laroids already?

in love.

can't wait for these badass boots to invade my boring wardrobe.

last for this year


i should find another hobby.
other than SHOPPING.
i promise this would be my last for this year.
i almost fell of my chair as i saw my credit card bill. hihi.
now this and i'm done.
i still have a 300,- h&m package waiting to be opened.
and to my sister (which i hope is reading this), half of it is for you.
i am doing a polyvore collage so you know what to expect!


if i have another weakness aside from pretty, delicious shoes, it's definitely beddings. i love to watch these bedroom makeover shows on the lifestyle network (haha) and immediately want to go to zara home or ikea, check out new beddings. these shows are literally banned from our home because le boyf once said we have way tooooo many beddings. way too many for this two bedroom appartment. and these shows are not really good influences on my weak heart. so as everybody was busy sale shopping, i was busy scouring in the sale section for bed covers over at zara home. :) amidst the sale, i did again pretty much damage as it was not really cheap. but it was well worth it. (i have never imagined the day i would be blogging about bed sheets.)
the loot

the aftermath

the king of the room. :)

i was back at zara to see if these studded hotties seen on frichic still available. lo and behold, they were. but only in 38. i was not sure if it did fit or if i was just convincing myself that it was not too big.
i did not get them, but i can't take them off my mind. should i go back and check if they still have it? i am having nightmares people. if it's still there, isn't it meant to be?

instead, i got these badass booties.
they're super fugly but it was love at first sight. can't wait to play with these babies.

so my sunday was pretty chill. i decided i need a mommy break and went to town for a chai latte, alone. it was so empty and still. pretty much like i was feeling without my boys.



so i went home, watched the devil wears prada for the nth time, chowed on some cadbury's, did some diys, talked to my aunt, took a nap and snapped some pictures of the bed. a mommy break at it's best but knowing that my boys are just one room away made it even more satisfying.

so what's your sunday like?

Collection Of Style

assymetrical jersey dress: COS
cage heels: deichmann
i love love love this dress/tent. it's all i want in a dress. tent potential, batwings and assymetrical shape!
see how shoes can change a whole outfit?

thick knit dress: COS
heeled doc martens: Mango

this dress was originally 99 euros down to 22. i like. warm. cosy. LOVE.

the lovely, lovely LAURA sent me a care package and it is beyond PERFECT. i am speechless.
how did she know that i am searching for some plaid tights like forever? and that i am a sucker for all things coconut, let alone a coconut flavoured lipgloss? i can go on ranting about the crazy eyeshadow, rockin t-shirt and some hot choco but i will not! the hot chocos are gone as we speak. YUM. i will be wearing the shirt as soon as the weather permits. can't wait. THANK YOU SWEETIE. i love everything.

and some goodies for Miguel. he has to wait for some months though to fit in. but he's very very thankful.


i met the lovely kim (fruchtzwerg) at COS where else? too bad we drove there at the last minute and couldn't tell her that we were coming. though the sweet short meeting was cool. next time kim, we'll make a date.
i packed the stuff i bought in one bag. i had three bags but it was embarrassing enough that i have shopped again so let the bag explode.
i got so many awesome stuff. oh my god.


aa double u neck dress (you can't see it, the weather is not dress friendly at the moment)
bershka dress
2 h&m tights
pimkie wannabe minnetonkas from the sales too!
oh, if you are in germany, just type in SALE09 and you'll get another 20% off sale items.

dress i got from the sales. BERSHKA. size L. love it.

should i keep this oversized coat?
the fact that it is only 12 euros reduced from 50 makes me wanna keep it.
if i really really have to have it, am not sure.

since i am cheapass, i got this stam-ish bag from ebay. i know. save it.

how you feeling my polaroid pictures? thanks again sue for the tip! it's kinda addicting. one more! i promise the last one for this post.



I was tagged by the very sweet laura
The rules are:

1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

this picture is from the fourth folder (my pregnancy folder) and this is my fourth favorite. my friend sandra took this at her house (that explains why i even did this at the first place. and i feel very comfortable with girlfriend photographers). it's very weird to look at these pictures. in a good way though.

so i tag,
lena (go check out her blog, she's pretty amazing. and please vote for her. here.)
vera (she makes the most amazing rick owens-ish jacket. check out her etsy store. here.)
aimee (lovee her style.)
maria (just discovered her blog. gorgeous style. check her out!)

from left: zara home (some towels), zara (dc pants, not on sale, booo!) and some cardigans, bershka, mango, stradivarius
i did pretty much damage on my wallet (i allowed myself to buy stuff from the birthday money i received) today. :)
NEW new year's resolution: i am only allowed to buy a piece of clothing or shoe if i sell one from my wardrobe. BALANCE, EQUILIBRIUM people.

these are the dc pants i bought as seen on betty. the boots were on sale but still too expensive for me. maybe they're still there the next time i come? and further reduced? crossing fingers.


1. order something from topshop. CHECK.

2. lose some baby weight and be able to fit back to children section's clothes. CHECK. (just bought this cape from the teen's department at new look)

3. stop smoking. as of jan. 2, 00:57 am, still haven't smoked one. temporary CHECK.
4. stop ordering from hm.com. DOUBLE XX. (still am waiting for two packages.)
5. be a better mom for miguel. only miguel can say if i get a check on this. (but i was extra patient as he was crying non-stop for 30 minutes and we don't know why. so do i get a check on that? lol)
6. save, save, save.