I was tagged by the very sweet laura
The rules are:

1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

this picture is from the fourth folder (my pregnancy folder) and this is my fourth favorite. my friend sandra took this at her house (that explains why i even did this at the first place. and i feel very comfortable with girlfriend photographers). it's very weird to look at these pictures. in a good way though.

so i tag,
lena (go check out her blog, she's pretty amazing. and please vote for her. here.)
vera (she makes the most amazing rick owens-ish jacket. check out her etsy store. here.)
aimee (lovee her style.)
maria (just discovered her blog. gorgeous style. check her out!)

from left: zara home (some towels), zara (dc pants, not on sale, booo!) and some cardigans, bershka, mango, stradivarius
i did pretty much damage on my wallet (i allowed myself to buy stuff from the birthday money i received) today. :)
NEW new year's resolution: i am only allowed to buy a piece of clothing or shoe if i sell one from my wardrobe. BALANCE, EQUILIBRIUM people.

these are the dc pants i bought as seen on betty. the boots were on sale but still too expensive for me. maybe they're still there the next time i come? and further reduced? crossing fingers.


  1. You look beatiful in the pic!!
    I went shopping today too, I will show everyone the pics tomorrow.

  2. You are so gorgeous, babe! Wow, that's a beautiful picture of you. Thank you for the tag, I'll get on it in the next couple of days! Kisses

  3. oh, that sounds like a great plan for the new year. buy & sell, buy & sell. you are sensible haha

  4. I so so so love that photograph! And I love your idea of only being allowed to buy when selling a piece,
    though I never want to part with any of my stuff, "just in case"!

  5. Ahh the boy. He's a recent aquisition. We're not quite a couple yet, kind of half way between that and friends (makes no sense!). He's actually an ex from two years ago
    and we're seeing if we can work things out this time.
    So confusing.

    Thanks for the lovely words =)

  6. I love the picture!!! Hubby and I wanted to have a photo session like that back when I was preggo... but I felt so ugly.. I opted for a playful one instead.. and regreted it soon after.. heehee...

    I love your new motto for acquiring new stuff!!!

    We MUST meet up when you get back here ayt?? I'm getting really excited.. I don't even know when you're coming!! heehee

  7. I made that resolution once and I could stick to it...:( So I'll keep thinking of some other way to stop spending so much! (wish me luck...hahaha)
    Such a lovely pic of your pregnancy, so lovely...:)

  8. oh dann bin ich ja mal gespannt wegen den chanel-ish taschen:
    postest du sie auf deinem blog wenn du sie bekommst??

  9. Hi dear! I really like the picture! You are so beautiful!

    Unfortunately the 4th pic in my 4th folder is a picture of some of my classmates from last year. I dont think they would appreciate having their faces put up on my blog. ;D

    But thank you for tagging me and for the superkind words!

  10. you look great! and when i read your profile i just think that 'this girl's life is amazing' ..wow!

  11. oh wow, it's a beautiful picture.
    i hope my boobs get big when i get pregnant. hahaha
    anyways, thank u for tagging meeh and i'll do it soon!
    btw, did u frame that picture of u?? if not, u should!

  12. That's a great pic. You look beautiful!

    I'm loving those boots in that last photos - great colour.

  13. aww you look beautiful in that pregnancy photo! absolutely stunning! and of course, i would love to! your blog is amazing, i meant to do it sooner, but i totally forgot sorry! i'm honored you like my blog :)

  14. That picture is so heartwarming! :) You're beautiful girl.


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