last for this year


i should find another hobby.
other than SHOPPING.
i promise this would be my last for this year.
i almost fell of my chair as i saw my credit card bill. hihi.
now this and i'm done.
i still have a 300,- h&m package waiting to be opened.
and to my sister (which i hope is reading this), half of it is for you.
i am doing a polyvore collage so you know what to expect!


  1. Those shoes look great!!! I need to find other hobby too... I understand you... I want to be rich!!! hahaha

    Kisses from Spain

  2. Hi girlie!!! I am very well thanks!!! still complaining about the weather etc, but I mean, I cant complain forever right!!

    I was reading your profile info the other day, its crazu how what you worte is also how my life went in a way:

    I was a 18 year old girl who moved to Montreal, met my bf there and then he asked me to move to Holland for like 3 years untill I decided to come, I arrived here, I didnt know anyone, my family was back home, so basically all I had was Rich for a while...Oh god I miss home!! so we have similar stories!!!

    Did you recieve your pink skirt??

  3. Haha, I quite agree, we need a new hobby, this shopping lark soon adds up!
    I do however love your topshop picks, and now feel the urge to go spending!

    Much love

  4. i think i need that skirt. online shopping will be my downfall!

  5. Last time shopping for this year??? OMG that will be hard, as this year has just started! But if you find a nice hobby, i`m sure it will distract you from shopping :D Good luck and I love your blog!

  6. I have ordered the same cap dress (did you order the dress or just the top?) and it's wonderful, it arrived two days ago and I'm so in love with it.

  7. I bought it in navy, that was the only colour as dress available. Thought it's similar to the COS dress, it's tolly different, especially the arms. The Topshop dress is indeed a real cape. I try to make a post at the weekend.

  8. What a way to bend out of the inter-web spending; ON THESE BEAUTIES! Thats the downside of all this huh? :(

    Btw, you little king is so adorable and those 'fugly' boots you mention, they're actually really gorgeous on. Good spotting!

    Much love xo

  9. hello gorgeous,
    ure such a sweet sister. i'm glad that my sister doesn't blog cus if she saw this post, she'd complain why i don't buy her stuff hahaha
    and abt the blogger update....
    another blogger said the same thing and i think it's cus i recently(like a week ago) changed my site and i guess its a different html or smtg...
    so sorry for the confusion!
    and i love the boots from the last post. i think they r cool!

  10. haha, same here. I need to find a new hobby as well.

  11. I was just looking at that bandage skirt today! You shouldn't feel so bad, babe, the pound is so low :). All your purchases are fantastic, can't wait for you to wear them!

  12. ahh those shoes. i do watn them!

  13. Hi. I've just found your blog. Your life story is amazing! You should be proud of yourself :)

  14. Great stuff.
    the skirt is pure prefection

  15. i neeeed that skirt and those shoes .


  16. Ooo that floaty top is just gorgeous!! i'd love a top like that... did you get them in the end? =) haha i really think shopping/lusting after clothes and stuff is taking over my life.


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