Friday, January 16, 2009

Collection Of Style

assymetrical jersey dress: COS
cage heels: deichmann
i love love love this dress/tent. it's all i want in a dress. tent potential, batwings and assymetrical shape!
see how shoes can change a whole outfit?

thick knit dress: COS
heeled doc martens: Mango

this dress was originally 99 euros down to 22. i like. warm. cosy. LOVE.

the lovely, lovely LAURA sent me a care package and it is beyond PERFECT. i am speechless.
how did she know that i am searching for some plaid tights like forever? and that i am a sucker for all things coconut, let alone a coconut flavoured lipgloss? i can go on ranting about the crazy eyeshadow, rockin t-shirt and some hot choco but i will not! the hot chocos are gone as we speak. YUM. i will be wearing the shirt as soon as the weather permits. can't wait. THANK YOU SWEETIE. i love everything.

and some goodies for Miguel. he has to wait for some months though to fit in. but he's very very thankful.


i met the lovely kim (fruchtzwerg) at COS where else? too bad we drove there at the last minute and couldn't tell her that we were coming. though the sweet short meeting was cool. next time kim, we'll make a date.
i packed the stuff i bought in one bag. i had three bags but it was embarrassing enough that i have shopped again so let the bag explode.
i got so many awesome stuff. oh my god.


  1. It's cool that you got the asymmetrical dress too! I haven't seen it for awhile. I'm curious what else you have bought that you needed 3 paper bags ;)

    Yes, it's too bad that I didn't know earlier that you will be in my town, so that I could arrange some time to meet-up with you :) You got me on a very bad day too, I was dazy and confused from the whole studying in the library and my hair was such a mess! ;)

  2. =) you make me smile.
    I am truly in love with the first dress,
    how much was it? I need to hunt it down!
    your style is amazing,
    and your friendship is amazing.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I love the first dress!!!


  4. The dress looks great! Don't mind that you left with 3 COS bags, I can't contain myself either whenever I'm there! I've gotten some strange looks from the sales lady at the fitting rooms when she sees me coming in with all these clothes I want to fit! haha

  5. I'm due at the end of this month... still some weeks of patience!

    I prefer not to think about this!

    Love the first dress, you look gorgeous!

  6. HAHA I know, who would guess about GUESS? ;]

    Love that top/dress on you such asymmetrical fun!



  7. love the draping and looseness of the dress, there's so much you can do with it :)

  8. I love that first dress. I really do. You wear it so well!

  9. That assymetrical dress looks stunning!

    Aaww, you're so lucky to get such a wonderful care package. Laura is a sweet heart, isn't she?

  10. Those heeled dr. martens are so incredibly cool!

  11. I love those shoes!

    By the way, I just read your profile info,
    OMG!!I think you're so brave, seems you've got a really strong heart!

    Good luck in everything!


  12. What great goodies and I love the dresses!

  13. Oh I love those boots! I want, I want! You look lovely, dear.

  14. You have such amazing shoes! I am so jealous! :(

  15. you're very pretty! you remind me of my Indonesian friend...

    good blog, keep it up ;)


  16. SO JEALOUS of the gray dress and white boots. they look great on you.

  17. hi cai, thanks for dropping by my blog. you really look like your sis.:)

  18. that asymmetrical dress is so so cool, with both pairs of shoes. you look great!

  19. amazing cut dress

    love your blog

  20. I love the first dress and those b/w boots! Love your style!

    xoxo, Shelly

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    I came across you blog, found it very interesting and very cute by the way.
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  22. LOVE the daring-asymmetrical dress on you and FAB shoes!!!!

  23. love the black, cut-out shoes in first pic

  24. I love your asymmetrical dress. I just found your blog today through another blog. Love it...

    Have a nice day,
    Nini Nguyen

  25. No fair... no fair, no fair... I want those awesome boots!


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