1. order something from topshop. CHECK.

2. lose some baby weight and be able to fit back to children section's clothes. CHECK. (just bought this cape from the teen's department at new look)

3. stop smoking. as of jan. 2, 00:57 am, still haven't smoked one. temporary CHECK.
4. stop ordering from DOUBLE XX. (still am waiting for two packages.)
5. be a better mom for miguel. only miguel can say if i get a check on this. (but i was extra patient as he was crying non-stop for 30 minutes and we don't know why. so do i get a check on that? lol)
6. save, save, save.


  1. such a cute plaid jacket! must admit i shop in the kids department sometimes too... lol its perfect for tees and skirts

  2. Your family is beautiful and great start to your resolutions!

  3. Oh girl, what a beautiful family you have! I love your resolutions, and I am sure you will be an amazing mommy to Miguel!

    and what is that red blazer, where did it come from because I think it belongs in my closet!


  4. Wow, I love what you are wearing! Everything :) Happy New Year! & yes, topshop has great stuffs :) But sometimes a little overpriced for me.

  5. hey, happy new year and hope you can fulfil the things you think of!
    but please tell me, how did you order at new look? i thought they only ship to the uk? i dare to buy some stuff (i posted about it 5 mins ago)!
    love, sue

  6. I love wearing kids clothes haha. Though don't go vanishing on me missy!

    I need to stop smoking too. Or not. I kinda like it.

    I'll do your ironing, I love it =)

    I'm sending your package on Tuesday, I hope you'll like it even half as much as I liked mine!

    Ohh and I tagged you on my blog x

  7. very cute jacket =D i wonder how big your wardrobe is!

  8. Your new year looked lovely =]
    Thats great that your resolutions are going so well! I love everything you have ordered from Topshop!

  9. i guess you can say you've got a head start on things!

  10. i was pretty much a zombie during the first two years after i gave birth. And I swear I wanted to jump off the loft of our home when my daughter would cry non-stop for more than 30 minutes :D

    So I think you definitely deserve a check on the good mom resolution. Parenting is tough. You seem to be doing great :)

  11. This post is too cute for words!

    Warmest wishes to you (and your family)honey for the New Year... cheers to all our resolutions, and dreams come true.


  12. aw I didn't know you were a mommy! You look so good after having a child! :)

  13. Wow what an amazing story!
    Totally meant to be that you moved to germany to find the person you were meant to be with.
    Almost tóó romantic, in twisted kinda way.

    xxx Emma from The Netherlands


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