mommy diaries part 1

hey there you guys. just sneaking out of the baby´s room to update. i just finished feeding him and he´s now off to dreamland. the baby phone is on, so anytime i hear him, i am gone.

i am officially a MOMMY WITHOUT SLEEP.
it´s hard and i am coping.
i had a normal birth but with anesthesia and his head had to be vacuumed out of me since he didn´t want to get out. must have been good inside me, huh? and so for the vacuum to get in, they had to cut. and sew. so my birth was not really that normal. ;) it still hurts when i walk or sit down but everytime i look at miguel and he smiles (i know he doesn´t mean it yet), all the pain i had and the lack of sleep easily washed away.
the boyfriend has been very supportive, thank god. he is now thinking of being a chef because he now cooks for us while i feed the baby. sometimes he gets so scared at every little sign that the baby isn´t well. he freaks out when the baby cries while he´s changing the diaper. he googles every single thing and then comes to me with all the facts he has read. stressful i know, but very cute. that needs a different post.
i have been photographing every single moment with him, scrapbooking with the little time i have when he sleeps and juggling the house work that has piled up since i was in the hospital. people come everyday to see the baby, which is very nice but sometimes stressful. we need to make coffee or tea, prepare everything, and i can´t feed the baby when there´s somebody watching.
i hope i will catch up with you guys really soon, but as of the moment, miguel is on the top of the list and if this means stop blogging, then i will do it. i would even sell my soul just to make that little boy happy. and if ever i have to choose between my shoes and miguel, well, you know the answer right?
so if i start writing about diaper genies and the perfect carseats, would you still read my blog?

i guess not.

Miguel is here!

Hi, this is modejunkie´s boyfriend. Just reporting that our bundle of joy came on the 18th of September, 2008 at 12:00 midnight. Miguel Leon weighs 3080 grams & is 51cm long. his mommy will be blogging again on Monday.

what is it with guys with british accent?

i am starting to like the blair and the lord's tandem (secretly because i want to keep chuck for myself, lol). but seriously, what is it with this british accent that gets me so interested? does anybody know if there's a british accent class here in germany i can enroll my boyfriend to? although i roughly (read 25%) understand the english, i still find it very sexy. my mom is in england and the times i visited her there, i always had problem in the airport.
stewardess: didChapackyerLugejbyyOrself?
me: huh?
stewardess: didChapackyerLugejbyyOrself?
me: yeah, whatever.
mom: ikaw ba daw ng-empake ng maleta mo? (did you pack your luggage by yourself)
me: ahhh... YES (in my weirdest british accent possible, if ever there's any) hihi

me foolin around with my new dress

yey the shoes came!

the dress + shoes = somewhat weird (whatchathink?)

the dress + the tutu = ballerina much?
(i didn't realize how much this dress is a pain in the ass)

Winnie the Pooh's Singing to Miguel.

a box of goodies came. :) and i hate to say, inside it are two pairs of shoes again. oh well. but the box is quite big shoes alone right?

the outdated me finally got this balenciaga knock off. it looks good, but has this weird length where it's too long to be a top and too short to be a dress. hehe. i might have to experiment with this one.

the boyf got this funny singing toy for miguel last week. it's winnie the pooh but sounds like my grandpa. haha. :)

i placed the singing grandpa to my tummy hoping he remembers this song when he comes out and be able to sleep fast as soon as he's out as he was sleeping in my tummy while listening to this song. i can't tell the difference if he's annoyed or if he liked it. the doctor told me some babies do remember sounds. it's less than 20 days and i am literally counting the seconds until i see my baby boy. funny how my boyfriend found this adorable and videoed me like thousand times. i look like a dork but who cares.