mommy diaries part 1

hey there you guys. just sneaking out of the baby´s room to update. i just finished feeding him and he´s now off to dreamland. the baby phone is on, so anytime i hear him, i am gone.

i am officially a MOMMY WITHOUT SLEEP.
it´s hard and i am coping.
i had a normal birth but with anesthesia and his head had to be vacuumed out of me since he didn´t want to get out. must have been good inside me, huh? and so for the vacuum to get in, they had to cut. and sew. so my birth was not really that normal. ;) it still hurts when i walk or sit down but everytime i look at miguel and he smiles (i know he doesn´t mean it yet), all the pain i had and the lack of sleep easily washed away.
the boyfriend has been very supportive, thank god. he is now thinking of being a chef because he now cooks for us while i feed the baby. sometimes he gets so scared at every little sign that the baby isn´t well. he freaks out when the baby cries while he´s changing the diaper. he googles every single thing and then comes to me with all the facts he has read. stressful i know, but very cute. that needs a different post.
i have been photographing every single moment with him, scrapbooking with the little time i have when he sleeps and juggling the house work that has piled up since i was in the hospital. people come everyday to see the baby, which is very nice but sometimes stressful. we need to make coffee or tea, prepare everything, and i can´t feed the baby when there´s somebody watching.
i hope i will catch up with you guys really soon, but as of the moment, miguel is on the top of the list and if this means stop blogging, then i will do it. i would even sell my soul just to make that little boy happy. and if ever i have to choose between my shoes and miguel, well, you know the answer right?
so if i start writing about diaper genies and the perfect carseats, would you still read my blog?

i guess not.


  1. awww
    don't know what to say. i'd be sad if your blog were to end but look at the amazingness that would be taking place.
    awww. just awww on this whole post.

  2. awwwww hope you have a speedy recovery!!

  3. If not all the notes will be about dipers, we will still read you.
    Personally, I give you something obout 3 months (as remember for my friends having a baby) for haveing some of you old habists squize into the calendar :-)
    And please post some pictures of Miguel in his probably very lovely baby clothes :-)

  4. Awww .... he's gorgeous. I hope you feel well soon and hopefully you will return to blogging...otherwise, it would be too sad :(

    Enjoy every moment and have a wonderful day :)

  5. Also ich würde bestimmt lesen und gucken, wenn du immer so süße Bilder postest!
    Ach mensch ist er niedlich...ein kleines Model!

    Bin verliebt....

  6. I'm so happy for you, dear. And yes, I have to admit it: a little bit jealous because I also want my little baby right here with me!!!!
    Enjoy every minute, I have a 2 months niece and they grow very fast!

  7. I'd still read, whatever you wrote.
    Congratulations on your little boy, he is absolutley gorgeous.

    I hope you get some sleep soon =)

  8. of course you should consider blogging! how great would it be for miguel to be able to find his mom's blog when he's older and know what she was thinking!
    congrats btw!

  9. aww your baby is absolutely precious and its good you have such an attentive, loving boyfriend :) I'm jealous and I want a baby!
    You have a wonderful blog and I enjoy reading it!

  10. omgoodness your baby is so adorable! what a cute family :) hope you come back to blogging later on :D

  11. i would, i'm a mommy too :)

  12. the sweetest baby evr. seriously.

  13. Eek! I just looked at your blog for the first time in a month or so, and congratulations! I can't even imagine how exhausted you must be, but I'm glad to hear you're coping and baby is well. All the best!!!

  14. Thank you for the sweet comments and support.
    I hope your little family is doing well.
    Love to you all x

  15. Oh...he's so beautiful and cute.Looks exactly like his stylish momy ♥

  16. oooh did you add more photos!! so adorable

  17. Such a lovely new family...
    Blessings to all of you!

  18. OMG!!!! congratulations!! you guys all look so cute

  19. how could i have missed this post!

    omg hes so freakin cute, i wanna eat him!

    aaaaaaaaah i love this you need to dress him up like gwen and kingston :)


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