black and white. and broken resolutions.

hi everybody. :)
i wish everybody had a wonderful christmas.

well, well. the good in me said i need new year's resolutions. for real. like lines to keep me out of trouble. haha. i knew i only needed one and all the rest would fall into places.


so before the year ends, i treated my spoiled little ass with some retail therapy. (i know that i'll be breaking the law 2 days after anyways.)
H&M Trimmed Tunika & Black Etui Dress

reactions? aint they prettay?
i dunno with you, but i kinda like the black and white trimmings and buttons (oh the buttons!) so much. a bit masculine touch but still feminine, thanks to the buttons. :)
the little black dress would be a tough competition for the roberto cavalli dress for new year's eve, which will be in PARIS by the way! (yes, we will be in paris over the weekend)
the white one with be so cool with just leggings and a cardigan maybe and some cute little ankle boots. i'm still a fan of leggings so you can say what you want. :)

so, what's your new year's resolution? have you broken it already?:)