black and white. and broken resolutions.

hi everybody. :)
i wish everybody had a wonderful christmas.

well, well. the good in me said i need new year's resolutions. for real. like lines to keep me out of trouble. haha. i knew i only needed one and all the rest would fall into places.


so before the year ends, i treated my spoiled little ass with some retail therapy. (i know that i'll be breaking the law 2 days after anyways.)
H&M Trimmed Tunika & Black Etui Dress

reactions? aint they prettay?
i dunno with you, but i kinda like the black and white trimmings and buttons (oh the buttons!) so much. a bit masculine touch but still feminine, thanks to the buttons. :)
the little black dress would be a tough competition for the roberto cavalli dress for new year's eve, which will be in PARIS by the way! (yes, we will be in paris over the weekend)
the white one with be so cool with just leggings and a cardigan maybe and some cute little ankle boots. i'm still a fan of leggings so you can say what you want. :)

so, what's your new year's resolution? have you broken it already?:)

Grey's Anatomy's McSucky ending

well, let's admit it. in every one of us is a series junkie. come on.
who didn't love carrie and her shoes?
who didn't laugh and fall in love with rachel and ross?
honestly i am not a big hospital-setting series fan. i hate blood. not until sandra persuaded me to,"... give it a chance, just one episode.". i ordered the first season on ebay, and man! did i get hooked.

i kinda thought it's just all about surgery and stuff, but it was not all that.

Dr. McDreamy?
or Dr. McSteamy? :)

The characters just captured my heart from the very start. Not just McDreamy's smile but every single character had a special something. You'll know what i'm talking about once you've seen it. Sandra Oh did such a wonderful job as Christina. I sometimes see myself in her, how competitive she can be but at the same time, fragile and sensitive. love her.

ok, lets go back to the topic. the ending was super McSucky. Burke left Christina at the wedding, George failed the intern exams, the Nazi didn't get to be Chief resident and Meredith and Derek were again like for the nth time, breaking up. What's up with that? i understand it's supposed to be a dark and twisty season, but hell with that. i am not watching a single episode anymore without George. i love George. who doesn't? so please don't remove him from the freakin show. My life is already McUgly enough and we dont like me to be McCranky.

(oh, i forgot. it's their thing. the Mc-mcking everything.) :) watch it, it's fun.

My Summer Wishlist

i just remembered my new year's resolution: instead of buying cheap fashionable pieces, buy timeless expensive ones, ones my daughter's gonna be proud of. my husband kinda did not like this one though, haha. so i dunno if now is the right time, but when is actually? my closet's full of stuff, stuff with tags that i have never even worn yet and will never do i think (you know that feeling when you really like the thing you bought, immediately wear it the next day or after washing?) and if i would save every single penny i spent on these things, i might have been able to buy tons of designer stuffs. my havaianas (which i still love), pretty they are, would never be given their real worth laying there under my bed. i am in germany and i could only wear them in summer (because spring is a little too chilly for flipflops) and even now, i'd rather wear my high heels,you know? haven't even started with my bags, would not though, because it pains me to tell more bad things.. haha. :) not that i don't love these things, but when would i know enough is enough?

so if i really want to start this madness, here's my wishlist for starters,

louboutins, fendi and this adorable chloe necklace.

well, dreams are for free. i'll let you know if santa read my blog and decided i was good. :)