My Summer Wishlist

i just remembered my new year's resolution: instead of buying cheap fashionable pieces, buy timeless expensive ones, ones my daughter's gonna be proud of. my husband kinda did not like this one though, haha. so i dunno if now is the right time, but when is actually? my closet's full of stuff, stuff with tags that i have never even worn yet and will never do i think (you know that feeling when you really like the thing you bought, immediately wear it the next day or after washing?) and if i would save every single penny i spent on these things, i might have been able to buy tons of designer stuffs. my havaianas (which i still love), pretty they are, would never be given their real worth laying there under my bed. i am in germany and i could only wear them in summer (because spring is a little too chilly for flipflops) and even now, i'd rather wear my high heels,you know? haven't even started with my bags, would not though, because it pains me to tell more bad things.. haha. :) not that i don't love these things, but when would i know enough is enough?

so if i really want to start this madness, here's my wishlist for starters,

louboutins, fendi and this adorable chloe necklace.

well, dreams are for free. i'll let you know if santa read my blog and decided i was good. :)


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