Winnie the Pooh's Singing to Miguel.

a box of goodies came. :) and i hate to say, inside it are two pairs of shoes again. oh well. but the box is quite big shoes alone right?

the outdated me finally got this balenciaga knock off. it looks good, but has this weird length where it's too long to be a top and too short to be a dress. hehe. i might have to experiment with this one.

the boyf got this funny singing toy for miguel last week. it's winnie the pooh but sounds like my grandpa. haha. :)

i placed the singing grandpa to my tummy hoping he remembers this song when he comes out and be able to sleep fast as soon as he's out as he was sleeping in my tummy while listening to this song. i can't tell the difference if he's annoyed or if he liked it. the doctor told me some babies do remember sounds. it's less than 20 days and i am literally counting the seconds until i see my baby boy. funny how my boyfriend found this adorable and videoed me like thousand times. i look like a dork but who cares.


  1. This is such an adorable video and you look really pretty.
    ...I gave my baby cousin his first Pooh.... and he still sleeps with it ( he's four now.
    P.S. I wish H&M delivered to Canada since I hate shopping in the store :S

  2. hi! im mel beckham's older sister and i would just like to ask, where can we order that winnie the pooh toy? kasi my niece,Zoe who's 2 saw that toy in Youtube singing "twinkle-twinkle little star" and she wanted we were thinking of giving that toy for her on Xmas.Goodluck w/ the baby.

  3. hi biatch. :) i honestly don't know where to find this toy that sings in english. this winnie the pooh only speaks german. haha. but it's from fisher price. hope that helps.

  4. oh no!i think you much prefer to wear the flat ones wirght now! ur baby must be listening to creepy Pooh! hehehehe

  5. Perhaps you caould pair that balenciaga knock-off with tights?

    Your blog is lovely (:

  6. Awww cute video :) The dress looks wonderful and omg I need a Winnie the Pooh teddy!!

  7. Oh, this pooh is kinda scary :)

    but you are adorable as always!

  8. Wann ist es denn jetzt endlich so weit? :-)

    Bin schon so gespannt!

  9. What an adorable video!
    Miguel is a name very used here in Spain and we write it the same way: MIGUEL, except in Barcelona, where we change the "g" for a "q": MIQUEL.
    I will name him Bruno. I'm nearly 18 weeks pregnant. I can assure you that my baby bump is growing too fast but maybe it's not very obvious through the pictures.
    I've always wanted a boy for the first child, specially after having a niece only 8 weeks ago!

    Take care!!

  10. Our very own mommy-to-be in just about 20 days, huh? You and Winnie the Pooh make such a great team, I am sure Miguel will remember the song and love it when you finally hold him in your arms. It is adorable that your bf is just as excited as you are.

    Are you still working or taking your last month off?

    And you should show us the latest pairs of shoes you ordered. Can't wait!

  11. this dress is really really really fantastic! I would like to afford this too!!

    a kiss

    you are an inspiration! Love that fact that you are carring a baby and still modelling here!

    see you :)

  12. The winnie is adorable!
    The H&M package looks muchos fun!

  13. Och, so süß.
    Wird bestimmt mal ein ganz musikalisches Kind ;)
    Und das Problem mit dem Knock-off ist ja Vielen bekannt.Aber wenn es sich nicht stylen lässt und du nicht 100% zufrieden bist würd ich es nicht behalten.

  14. ahh the annoying length.
    make it a top with scandalous short shorts in a similar color. like navy/dark purple.
    it'll give off the great mini dress vibe but you'll be able to sit and stand without stressing :)

  15. ohhh it's so lovely, you look great being pregnant:DDD

  16. This dress is beautifull, but it was too short for me, so I didn't buy it:(

  17. That's right, I often leave the house with my hair wet. It doesn't really show, though :)))

    Have a gorgeous - last before giving birth? - week, darling.


  18. Well, in fact we wound out very fast that it's a baby boy. I was 14 weeks pregnant or something like that...
    My bump is actually very tiny but I don't care, I think I will get bored of it in the next months, haha!
    For the moment everything goes perfect, I've never had morning sickness.
    I'm whishing one day I will visit your blog and read the notice that baby Miguel has been born!


  19. i love that knock off balenciaga dress.
    im sure you will find a way to make it look great.

    want to trade links?

  20. hehehehehe that's soo cute!! :) pooh singing in german?? i love how he moves his mouth!!

    and u shopaholic?? imeldiffic much? :) but u deserve new shoes!! :)

    goodluck!!! its coming!!! :):)

  21. think the lengths cute hon,it lets you do lots of layering.hope youhave fun experimenting. i like the print

  22. i LOVE the balenciaga-esque shirt/dress and i can't wait until your baby is born!


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