playing with hue & contrast


breaking in my new shoeses!
i just can't get over the very large bow in the middle.
it's SOOO made for me.
and these acid wash denim leggings are so comfy and warm,
i don't want to get out of it anymore.

i am like on a diy high.
i have been bleaching, studding and destroying things i see.
this is DANGEROUS people!

should i stud this some more?
rivets or something?
my boyf said it's like studding his pants around his you know where.
as it is accenting my non existent boobies. haha.
he's so funny, i love it.


  1. Get outta here!!!!!!

    Okay, first you look ridiculously HOT in those jeans... and then you go and pair their acid badass-ness (faux word lol-xx)with your new bow delicious babies.

    THEN... I see your studded DIY!!! It's perfect. I love it!

  2. hahahh thats so cute of your hubby to say. you should totally stud his pants... ahhahaha. i love those acidwashed jeans!!! i cant imagine jeans being warm unless they are like stretchy material. anyway love the bow, i didnt think it looked that great in the picture but now that you are wearing them, I LOVE THEM!!!!

  3. awwwwww I love these heels!! gorgeous!!

  4. Your new shoes are amazing. I love them!

  5. god i adore you studs... nd your new shoes??? amazing!!!

  6. Love the shoes! Who made them?

    And you're brave with the DIY--I don't trust myself with scissors.

  7. I love the grey color scheme, it's lovely! Your jacket and shoes are so cute.

    And I love the studded bustier top.. Lovely as well.

  8. those jeans look great! i've been going crazy with DIY's too, it is dangerous =)

  9. yeah stud more....why not put more attention on you know where.

  10. I looove your outfit! Those shoes are soo freaking adorable.

    And what your boyfriend is hilarious. Hm I feel like you could something more but then it might look overboard you know? Hm, I'll get back to you on that. Haha

    x Natalie

  11. please post a picture of your studding thing. where did you got it?

    so cool. me myself is a destroyer too. specially on my old jeans. been doing acid wash pants last week. ill post it soon.

    i must say your gray jacket is so cooooo. but dont stud it please. hehe. its cute as it is.

  12. Babe, gasp! You look so incredible. And the photography on the first picture is amazing. I told you before, it's ridiculous how quick you were on getting the hang of your new camera. Big kiss

  13. wow, the studded top is HOT, and I love your leggings, where from?

  14. WOW!!!
    I love your DIY!!! That top rocks!!!
    But I think it's already perfect!!!
    Are those leggins??? i thought they were skinnies!!!Must find some!!


  15. Uh like the jacket. *

  16. I love your shoes and faux-denim leggings are a wonderful wonderful thing. xx

  17. Amazing photos!!!!

    I love your style!!!


  18. hi! im itsumi!
    thank you for buying my cc bag!
    you like it??? hope so!
    yeah, you can post whatever you want!
    thanks again!!! 

  19. Hoottt, the bleached jeans look so good, especially with the shoes :D bows and studs, bring it oonnn! What your bf said, is quite true in theory, come to think of it!

  20. love the first photo with the red wall.. SOOO rad!! you look great with those jeans@!

  21. the heels... they're fantastic!
    kisses gorgeous:)

  22. I am so jealous of that top and those shoes!

    Maybe you should install an alarm so no one breaks in to steal all of your super hot clothes!

  23. the top, my lord, the top is magnificent! that's the most awesome diy project i've ever seen.


  24. THOSE SHOES! that jacket!! where are they from?

  25. it's hot! i'm a simple creature, so i'm in favor of stopping the studs as is. i need to find something to stud too!

  26. dude. this outfit is FEROSH. lovesit!
    i like how you kept the color basic and monochrome...maybe punch it up with a bright bag or something? anyway. gray leather biker jacket = is so overdone.
    andrea xoxoxxx
    Life In Technicolor

    ps: not so sure about the bustier..maybe the studs are too big and too few...


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