i know that you don´t need any reminding that this coming May 10, Sunday, it is Mother´s Day.
i have been a strong believer that we don´t need a special day to remind us how amazing our moms are, but in this crazy fast paced internet generation, where communication with mom seems to be only successful through Whatsapp, Instagram or Snapchat (eek!), i may have joined the dark side!
it is good to know that there is that one special day in a year that´s only dedicated to me (yasss, selfish, so what?) aside from my birthday.
i don´t really need/ want much, aside from a full body massage and a day to myself in the Maldives (all impossible to fulfill at the moment), but i have decided to publish a list of cute things your mommas would like.
today is about interior.
i tend to buy stuff because they´re practical and they won´t get dirty easily even though i would prefer something wayyy nicer. a pink lounge chair + foot rest, for example.
Maisons du Monde´s new catalog (you can order yours here) has been released and my list of pretty things is getting longer.
 Another gift i would be so happy to receive is this flower flatrate (AMAZING, i know, right?) from Bloomy Days. 
i do love walking through the flower market but with just two weeks to go before my due date, i just can´t drag my fat belly to the market anymore. 
would love for them to be delivered right to my doorstep! wouldn´t you?

are you planning special for your moms?


  1. I love my mom very much, and you?

  2. Nice selection! I unfortunately can see my mum only via skype today!


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