from left to right: 
strawberry pillow, wooden house bookshelf, strawberry poster, rainbow mobile
baby bed, wooden house shelf
baby cot, hot air balloon lamp, happy rug

hey guys!
time flies by so fast. our baby is almost 3 months old. it feels like just yesterday when he was still in my tummy.
so far, we´ve been so lucky with his sleeping habits!
he sleeps 8 hours straight at night and is generally a very well behaved boy, THANK GOD!
he loves to smile and talk to strangers and he loves his older brother so much.
Miguel has been a very great help to all of us and he is very protective of his brother.
i thought at first that it´s going to be hard for him as he was the only child for 6 years.
he has proven us wrong though! 

i am working full time again and just have sunday as my free day.
i can only shop and browse online!
luckily, Maisons du Monde just launched their new Junior Collection.
these knick knacks are a great addition to our little boys almost white room. the strawberry accents are so cute and bring life to the space!



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