Miguel's First Laugh Caught on Cam..

sorry for that squeeching noise. i could not help it. :) also ignore our poor singing skills. it seems that this song brings the baby to laughter. maybe it´s our voices?
add: he laughs now on an hourly basis. hihi. my camera is running out of memory space since i practically videoed every single laugh.

Caption this. :) Answers on a postcard.

P.S. i have added a sidebar on the blog to which i will be featuring a good find every week or day from some of my favorite online shops. since i am on a ban (this is an exception because i ordered this myself), i will be online shopping for you guys. so to start off, is this dress i have been crushing on betty for like forever. it's from h&m trend (that's why i couldn't buy it, we don't have trend in my local h&m). from 40 euros to 20.score right? i could imagine this dress with brown tights and booties for fall. i am excited.
this is unfortunately only for the german readers. but you better hurry, sizes are running out.

i was also able to score some h&m trend stuff. an oversized tank and shirt..kinda aa-ish, for 5 euros each. only, they disappeared the morning after i placed my order. sold-out much? i dunno. but will tell you about it when it arrives. the flapper dress arrived today, and it is a dream. le boyf thinks it's hot. the wedge booties are comfortable to death. i ordered it one size bigger since it runs small, methinks.



  1. Omigod!
    Der kleine Miguel ist ja soooo süß:D
    Und iwann wird er bestimmt ein supersüßer Jungen, denn Mischlinge sind immer die hübschesten :D
    Dein Blog ist toll, obwohl auf englisch aber ich hab einfach alles verstanden!!
    Mach weiter so!! Ich bin so froh, dass dein Leben den richtigen Weg geht um glücklich zu sein!!
    Du inspiriest mich so sehr.. Danke dass du mich an deinem Leben hast Teil nehmen lassen..

  2. OMG! the cuteness!!!!!!! the picture of you and him is so sweet! he looks like he wanted to read too!what a darling!

  3. Awwww that is SO cute!!!! And I love the photo, he's a fashion junkie in the making!

  4. Oh my goodness,
    you put such a HUGE smile on my face with this post,
    I truly cannot stop smiling.

    The photograph is truly stunning too!

    (oh, seeing as I am amazingly disorganised, feel free to drop me an e-mail over the weekend if you wish!)

  5. Das Foto ist ja irre süß!! Ich sehe schon, er bekommt die richtige Lektüre :-)

  6. Aww! SO cute!

    That dress is gorgeous.

  7. I have been lusting for this one for ages :( and only for 20 euro...
    why, why...

  8. I really love that dress.
    Betty rocked it !
    New on my blog

  9. AAaawww, what a super-adorable baby!! Love the cute photo.

    awesome dress too, wish I could buy it.

  10. Oh my lord he is sooo precious! You are a very lucky mama!

    Im not german, but my mom is married to a german, so I have 5 half german half pinoy siblings. I myself am the eldest and my dad is american/spanish, but I do not speak any spanish, yet my german is fluent, yeah I know weird right? You have to let me know when you will be back in the motherland, we will totally watch the sunset over margaritas someday! xx

  11. i've just discovered your blog, and your baby is the most adorable little boy in the world!!
    and gorgeous dress

  12. Just came across your blog tonight... I must say wow, whatan inspiration you are, I sit hear reading through old posts. And love it... love your blog! The pics are needless to say perfection....

  13. thats a cute dress! now I feel bad we dont have h&m trend here... and what an adorable little boy! :)

    ♥ R

  14. You're definetely the cutest blogger! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.
    What an angel is Miguel!
    Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!

  15. Miguel is so precious!!! Prepare for more laughter and giggles as the days come! He's so cute!!! I love your picture...

  16. The photo of you and Miguel seriously warms my heart. This is so so sweet! I love it :)

  17. That picture is insanely perfect! When I saw it, I immediately thought, "Darling!"

    I adore it!!!!

  18. wie süß :)
    dein blog ist total toll!

  19. Such a cute pic!!
    xoxo from las vegas


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