Monday, March 30, 2009

feeling grey


so here's the five:

you must have received an email or a comment by now. :)
i hope you like it or expect not as much because it's just really a toy. haha

i should also get a medal for being a bad blogger.
i don't know if it's the weather or it is just me but lately i am so lack of inspiration and all i wanna do is clean or re-decorate my pad.
i am more likely to be seen in ikea these days.
yes, being mommy becomes me.
but i think miguel needs me more than now because he's learning new things and i wanna be there with him and not in front of the computer.

thanks to the many emails i received regarding the necklaces.
i didn't expect that it would receive such a commotion. haha
for those who didn't win,
i am selling the cc pieces without chain as you probably have thousands of those for:
4 euros with shipping in GERMANY
and 5 euros for ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
i accept paypal.
i can also do it in yellow, brown, pink, white, black&white, black, blue and violet.
shoot me an email at

Thursday, March 26, 2009



remember this?
yes i've broken it and the boyfriend was nice enough to find me the materials to do it myself.
and now i have enough material to do thousand more.
so i am giving away 5 of the thousand. :)
they come with a chain (short) but you can change it if you like.
leave me a comment telling why you would want to own a piece of trash like this, with your email address maybe (if you don't have a blog) so i can contact you later.
i will pick five and will post it on sunday evening.

spring, what?
i have given up complaining about the weather and have decided to give my winter stuff the much deserved love.
i am still sick and a whiny bitch so please forgive me for the absence.

Monday, March 23, 2009


PhotobucketAlign Centermiguel behaving well during the ceremony.

... is my new favorite word at the moment.
it's also the state of my blog posts.
but i do have valid reasons, though.
saturday: we attended this wonderful civil wedding of le boyf's sister.
sunday: small celebration/sick/ panic moment with miguel. first trip to the hospital. luckily, everything's fine.
monday: still sick, but posting. blog medal for me!


the dress i wore. and the shoes i am eagerly waiting for.
update on the miss selfridge order: the denim romper was sold out. ahhh. i am gonna cry now.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

zip up



this is the pleather blazer i got from the flea market last sunday.
and this dress from h&m,
it is annoying.
see the wave that looks like i have a second layer of sharp boobs in the first and last pic?
i might wear it with the zipper on my back from now on.
i definitely would.
it's scary even from just looking at it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

confessions of a shopaholic

not so sure about this, we'll see.

i am planning to wear this dress when i fly to the philippines in september while frolicking in some of the island's best white sand beaches. ahh can't wait.

some spring colored cocktail rings, one can't have enough, right?

needed new stuff for spring.
acid wash, anyone?
i am not usually a big miss selfridge fan but this mid season sale is really good.
i was early enough to score some nice stuff in my size.
i just hope everything fits right.
or else i have to send it back.
hate that feeling.
by the way,
got new shoes.

pure stud love.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


this dress is not suitable for a two hour drive.
but i kinda like the crumpled effect.

miguel turned 6 months today.
time goes by so fast.
soon, he'll be bringing home a girlfriend to whom i will be such a bitch at.
revenge, anyone?
"look mommy, i am driving with one hand.. "

love you baby.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i don't know about you, but i guess we all loved this studded leather jacket from balmain.
but disappointingly, i don't have 3,276 euros in my wallet.
if you do, GO GET THEM TIGERS.
so what's a pennyless blogger to do?
DIY. :)
i have ran out of studs and the ebay store i bought the studs from is a bitch but he's the only one selling these, so yeah.
i am kinda pleased with the outcome (my fingers feel numb but that's fine).
what do we think about this?



another lovely day today.
the last one i think.
it's supposed to rain again.
i am gonna eat my lasagna now.

Monday, March 16, 2009



i thought there was a train coming, hence the face.

i conquered one of my fears today.
taking a photo on a train track.
my boyfriend's argument was, if a train was indeed coming, i can run and save my life.
as if i did not know that. :)
most of the photos were ruined because of the wind. my hair was all over the place.

i know spring is just around the corner.
love days like this.
no words needed.
just plain beautiful.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


PhotobucketAlign Center


stores were opened today for a change.
and there was a fleamarket outside our house, which was like the highlight of my day.
i scored one vintage belt, a beige pleather blazer and a victim leather bag for studding.
all in all, it was a productive thrifting adventure.
i decided to wear my last winter's favorite coat which i weirdly have not yet worn THIS winter.
this holey h&m trend top (thanks for getting it for me sue, get well soon) is long enough to be a dress. plus it is so easy to diy.
can't wait to wear it this summer with just bikini tops underneath.

how was your sunday like?