remember this?
yes i've broken it and the boyfriend was nice enough to find me the materials to do it myself.
and now i have enough material to do thousand more.
so i am giving away 5 of the thousand. :)
they come with a chain (short) but you can change it if you like.
leave me a comment telling why you would want to own a piece of trash like this, with your email address maybe (if you don't have a blog) so i can contact you later.
i will pick five and will post it on sunday evening.

spring, what?
i have given up complaining about the weather and have decided to give my winter stuff the much deserved love.
i am still sick and a whiny bitch so please forgive me for the absence.


  1. because it is the best "trash" that I've seen for a long time. not to mention, that this idea is really, really genius. it looks like lagerfeld used this necklace for his s/s 09 show.
    ich wäre echt stolz, diese gelungene kette zu präsentieren! vor allem weil sie auch trendpotential unter bloggerinnen (und auch mehr!?) haben könnte.

  2. Because I'm as demode as it gets and this looks like it would last a lot longer than those Chanel/YSL/etc lollipops.

  3. Amazing!! Just like the ones in the Chanel issue of Paris Vogue! And that's why I'd love to own one - because until I can afford the real thing, that piece of "trash" would be perfect for me!!!

  4. Because that trash can turn into something special for me :) You did a beautiful job creating these and I think they should be shown around the world ;)

  5. ...because I love Chanel and right now don't want to spend a fortune for a Chanel necklace. I also love that this is hand-made.

    I am constantly complaining about the horrible NYC weather. I think it's hard when you see bloggers in Texas and California wearing sandals and sundresses... *SIGH*

  6. i would like i piece of your "trash" because all these years, i've the materials to create such art and never thought to do it. you're a frickin genius girl!!

  7. This chanel diy would be a great addition to my collection of jewelry. I'm a fellow Filipina who is in love with fashion. I recently came across your blog and your story and fashions are inspiring. Thanks for sharing and I hope you pick me as one of the winners who gets the chanel necklace. :)

  8. The email address for Raebern's comment is Thanks :)

  9. Because Im Broke! No really I am a broke fashionista just a college student and making min wage. I wanted this necklace when you first posted in and fell in love. I love the black and white one and this is a awesome Diy. I would to Love to win!

  10. Oh, that is amazing! I want one because it looks so good with a plain t-shirt just like I plan to wear it :)

  11. I want one simply because it's made by youuuuuuu

  12. What a gorgeous give away!
    You are so sweet to put the time to make these :)

    I love how unique they are and I am a big fan of statement pieces- especially something as wonderful as this!!

    (You have the most beautiful coat!!)

  13. i hope you will feel better.

    i love to own that necklace because my fashion icon, modejunkie, owns one!

  14. i really love this one *-*
    i've been searching for something liek that and if i woudl win it i would wear it everyday!!!!!
    *promise + blog everyday my outfit with this chain!*

    ih i love trash and that is such a gorgeous necklace!

    love, alice *.*

  15. I really really really need one of them. I would wear it day and night. It was a great idea to make them yourself.

    a lot of greetings

  16. ah i forgot my e-mail adress:

  17. I don't think it is a piece of trash, in fact you did it yourself so it's more like an "achievement" to me :D

    A real Chanel necklace, according to me, would be a real piece of trash, because it would cost thousands and who knows what you could do with so much money, like maybe, help people who need it more...

    Coco Chanel was born in a poor family, and abandoned, I really don't think she would like to see her stuff sold at such cost nowadays.
    Even more, i really believe she, who created her brand and clothes from nothing at the begining, and believed that fashion should be accessible to anyone, would encourage creating "pieces of trash" like these necklaces and spreading fashion and "art" for free.

    Anyway, that's my point of view. :D

    my email, just in case :

  18. I would like to have the black or the black and white one :) I've tried to do it myself, but it didn't work :(

  19. Pick me! my bag can use a cute keychain :)

  20. Aww it does look awfully cold over there. Im sure you cant wait to come home to the islands in september!

  21. Ich habe nie Glück bei so etwas, aber ich probiere es mal trotzdem! Mir gefällt die schwarze und pinke ganz gut.

  22. Have to agree with Thumbelina..

    The weather here in Germany is still so very very sad ;), so cold, rainy...

    I envy all of you who can already wear sandals and tees ;)

    and get well soon!!!!

  23. whaa, how could i muss this kinda not-competition? i had a giveaway on my own when i was in hospital..
    plus: i like diy but i suck in terms of (hell, how do you call this in english) steckperlen bügeln :)
    haha.. pick me!

  24. the river as background makes the photo so amazing. it's nice the weather is good.

    have a great day!

  25. amazing. i would lurve lurve lurve to have one of those gorgeous necklaces. why?? besides the fact that they are the cutest. i love that they look like toys. its like playground chic. reminds me of growing up in the netherlands where they had those iron toys that melted together to make whatever you want. plus my sophmore year of high school i went through i ridiculous style period where i would wear my little sister's dress jumpers, ripped jeans with pink fishnets underneath and necklaces and bracelets out of legos.. it was actually one of my most proudest fashion moments cause this guy told me that i had "a great fashion style" && that begun my obsession with fashion.

    i would absolutely die of happiness to get one :]]]]

    much love
    mad love

    just incase email:

  26. This is perfect!!! I love it!

    I want it because I'm from the 3rd world :P (hahahaha!) that is currently Chanel-less and I could never afford a real one with my very meager allowance!!!! It's the next best thing!

  27. Hey..
    so erstmal bin ich so unverschämt ,um auf deutsch zu posten.
    aber da ich gelesn habe,dass du auch deutsch verstehst,mach ich das einfach:D

    ich brauch unbedingt eine dieser supertollen chanelanhänger.
    weil ich auch mal was gewinnen möchte und chanel einfach toll ist.
    chanel ist keine marke.
    chanel ist mode.
    und ich liebe mode.
    deswegen auch chanel.
    und deswegenn will ich den anhänger,
    ich wär der glücklichste mensch auf der ganzen welt:)

  28. I'm really into these outside shots... but I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well.
    Are you any better?


  29. Wow, this is genius!! It looks awsome! I would really, REALLY like to own a necklace like the! Hint, hint :D

  30. Oh, that pic with the river on the background is so sweet! ;)


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