confessions of a shopaholic

not so sure about this, we'll see.

i am planning to wear this dress when i fly to the philippines in september while frolicking in some of the island's best white sand beaches. ahh can't wait.

some spring colored cocktail rings, one can't have enough, right?

needed new stuff for spring.
acid wash, anyone?
i am not usually a big miss selfridge fan but this mid season sale is really good.
i was early enough to score some nice stuff in my size.
i just hope everything fits right.
or else i have to send it back.
hate that feeling.
by the way,
got new shoes.

pure stud love.


  1. i love the shoes! i'm still thinking if i'm going to buy something similar like that...

    as for my hk trip. i will send you a comment here if i'm finished with my entry. ill be posting my entry after my trip on monday. i'll be going back again in hk this monday. hehe

  2. the dress right above "not so sure we'll see" is one of my dream dresses right now.

    gotta warn you about the acid wash earrings next to the purse though. got them in black and they broke second time I wore them...

  3. shopaholic alert!
    hihi. when you get back i can recommend some shops that are just cool and edgy but really very affordable. One of a kind. And when you get back there, you'll need more closet. hihi.

    have a great day!

  4. i LOVE the denim motorcycle jacket!! so cute!

  5. i also want to buy at miss selfridge, but i got no money by now :( well, that shoes are fierce! where did you get them?

  6. Everything is gorgeous,
    where oh where are the shoes from?
    I must check out Miss S later, hopefully the sale is in store.


  7. I love the jacket, the blue and the black dress! The jewellery looks nice too.
    I've been looking for a long dress for the summer for awhile... haven't bought anything last summer. So I'll keep on searching till I find something that I really like.
    And congrats on the shoes, miss!

  8. I've bought Miss Selfridge frill jumpsuit, really pretty.

  9. I've bought Miss Selfridge frill jumpsuit, really pretty.

  10. I love the colours and patterns of those cocktail rings! You're right, one can never have enough :)

  11. Thanks to you I went onto the site and purchased some things as well!
    ah!!! your shoes are amazing!!!!!

  12. love the shoes!!!
    and those rings

  13. I love the rings and the shoes!

  14. The shoes are fantastic!!

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  18. Ich liebe deine blog... ich stehe leider beim bloggen noch in Kinderschuhen, da ich nicht so viel zeit habe zu fotografieren - ich hoffe das ändert sich in der nächsten zeit noch :)

    Was ich dir noch sagen wollte:
    du hast eine wundervolle kleine Familie, super Fotos und bist wahnsinnig hübsch

  19. love the shoes, still around, huh1? why can't I get my hands on them unless I pay £50+!! that clutch, kinda balenciage, don't you say :D? You're sooo lucky you get to frolick on a damn beach :'( we don't got no beaches in warsaw, closest would be the pond in Old Town :'( AArrrh...

  20. oh, es hat alle meine nachrichten gespeichert... ich habe nämlich eine geschrieben und dann hat das nicht richtig funktioniert und ich konnte meinen eintrag nie sehen und der war dann gleich wieder gelöscht, deswegen habe ich überall dasselbe geschrieben :) Aber nun sehe ich ja, dass es funktioniert - hoffe du hälst mich nicht für verrückt

  21. deniiim deniim ! LOVE it all.. and those studded shoes are seriously KILLER!

  22. Great shoes, Primark isn't it?

  23. Have the same heels but in brown, but actually, don't know how to wear them!!!!!!!


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