Friday, January 29, 2010

zara oh how i love thee

flowy thingy top: topshop * studded bodycon skirt: h&m * booties: ysl tribute short

you guys, i think you´ll be seeing these shoes in every post now. haha. kiddin.
but can´t you see in my face how smitten i am?
speaking of being smitten,
i can´t wait to get my hands on these zara babies which are out on stores next week i heard?
the leather shorts are AMAZING and that jumpsuit has a special place reserved in my closet come spring.
i just wish they don´t exaggerate with the price.

that´s all!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


dress: zara * leather jacket and tights: H&M * shoes: YSL

not so much words today.
let the pictures speak for themselves.
one thing´s sure,
now i know how it feels like to be in shoe heaven.

Monday, January 25, 2010

nothing to declare...

... except evidence.

ermmm, yeah. haha. that´s what my sweater says at least.
i don´t get it but what gives? there are some things in life left like that.
especially when they´re pink and they go well with a tutu. :)
anyway, these boots have been a real pain in my ass.
i got it two months ago, and just wore them now.
i am not a brown person and i really don´t know what i can wear this with.
so here´s me trying.
isn´t it weird that i am looking to the left in three of the pictures when someone who looks like death walking behind me and i don´t even notice?
yeah boyfie thinks its funny. :)

ps: i am not cold. i´ve got twenty something socks hiding inside these boots.. thanks for your concern in advance.

i am wearing a zara sweater, h&m pearl necklaces and tutu and deichmann boots.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

classic with a twist.

sequined top, boots and leggings: H&M * blazer and coat: Zara * clutch: Jimmy Choo for H&M

after what feels like a year of working on saturdays, i finally got yesterday off!
shopped a bit in stra├čbourg, ate 2 big macs, watched inglorious basterds and resevoir dogs, did the grocery, finally cleaned my desk and took photos.
oh how perfect.

how was your weekend like?

Friday, January 22, 2010



i got this leopard coat with from the H&M sale for 9 euros! so lucky to get the last in my size. NOT! got it in two sizes bigger (it was the only one left) for an oversized feel! LOL

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

into the woods.

head to toe: H&M * watch: Michael Kors

i have not much to say.
my heart is saddened that another earthquake has hit haiti.
why them? why again?
anyway, i just pray that one day everything will be alright again.
my heart goes to all those who lost their homes, family members and their everything. :(
choose your charity and donate something.
i would have loved to donate that cake i threw away last night.
so sad.

Monday, January 18, 2010

black and gold.

oversized sweater, necklace & leather boots: H&M * jeans: zara * watch: Michael Kors

these shoes are the latest addition to the collection!
although i say this to almost all of my new shoes, but i am really smitten. they have the alexander wang feel that i cant explain. LOVE IT! i seriously should stop saying i love things.
this kinda love has made my bank account weep month after month.
not your typical love, huh?
anyway, i have been on the search for jeans for like forever to a point of no avail.
these babies need to have a replacement or else i will wear them until they get holes in the crotch. ew.
they´re a tad long (boo says short people) but i just cant for the life of me give to my tailor as i fear he´s gonna ruin it. no offense tailor!
talk about separation anxiety!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

paint the town RED.

vero moda
h&m divided
jimmy choo for h&m
sonia rykiel for h&m

here are some of my latest buys.

my most favorite piece,
is this michael kors watch i have been eyeing for so long.
isn´t she a beauty?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

on coats, inspirations and snow..

both coats are from H&M
since i have been getting comments if i don´t feel cold in the outfits i wear out, here are some pics of me wearing coats!
yes, I DO HAVE COATS! :p
but for two minutes i don´t mind freezing at all so that you see what i really wore that day.
don´t you think i deserve a blogger of the year award? haha
anyways, it´s snowing non-stop.
after a long walk with the boys, there´s nothing better than a hot cup of tea, dvds from the local video shop and a fast wlan.
here´s two pictures i want to share with you.
love love love these two ladies.
so when these preppy coat went on sale from 80 to 19, i didn´t hesitate.
now i just need that miu miu bag then i´m all set.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


blouse, skirt, tights and headband: H&M * shoes: Ashish for Topsh0p * cameo earrings: bought in Poland

quick post today! i have to run! (or in this weather glide!)
it´s my day off today so i´m gonna use this chance to play in the snow with miguel and build snowman and stuff!
keep warm everybody!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

parisian chic

Align CenterPhotobucket
jacket and high waisted shorts: divided exclusive * tank: american apparel * beret, stacked rings, bracelets, tights and over the knee boots: H&M * bag: bought from ladies market in hong kong * silver onyx ring and necklace: bought in poland * studded watch: stradivarius

hey guys!
i opted for french chic today. (it must have been this gloomy weather that reminded me of paris.)
and when we say french and chic, first that comes to mind is a beret. i don´t know why.
of course, CHANEL, pearls and a tweed jacket!
one day, i will buy a 2.55 bag. one day. then my whole look will be complete.
anyways, how do we feel about my pointed over the knee boots?
i have been searching for so long. at first, i was doubtful.
but it´s growing in me. i love that it´s pointed. weird, huh?
i guess if worn right, it doesn´t look bitchy at all.

so here´s the winner of the voodolls!
corinna i´ve sent you an email!