turning two!

shirt & wide leg trousers: h&m * leather vest: pimkie * shoes: dorothy perkins * ring: miss selfridge * envelope bag: vintage

my blog turned two today! ;)
yay. happy blog birthday to me.
i just want to say THANK YOU to everybody! for reading, commenting & following me on blogger, twitter and bloglovin.
i don't know why every single comment makes my heart skip a bit faster .
i started this blog with no reason whatsoever and now i can't see life without it.
YOU have grown to be a part of me and made me somewhat better (i guess).
so again, THANK YOU for the inspiration!


  1. WoW look at that 2 years!!!
    Hope you blog for more!

  2. you're welcome! i just love your blog your looks and your family :D

    so cute!

    love, alice

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    Mach weiter so!

  4. Felicidades! Die "Matthew Williamson for H+M" Weste mit den Steinchen würde Dir bestimmt auch super stehen- aber 129 €?! Vielleicht ein neues DIY Projekt? die les ich nämlich immer besonders gern bei Dir und das Dein blog so persönlich ist find ich toll!

  5. congrats blog & dear modejunkie! keep on inspiring me :)

  6. Mach weiter so! Schaue sehr gerne bei dir vorbei.
    Schönes Wochenende! :)

  7. Cute vest!

    Yayy for two years!! :D

  8. Yay! Happy blog birthday ^_^

    love your bag and ring, btw.

  9. congrats! and happy blog birthday!
    this could be my favorite outfit from you. the wide leg jeans look awesome!!

  10. Happy B-day! Thanks for taking time to snap such gorgeous shots.

  11. What a beautiful outfit to celebrate your blog's birthday.
    Your ring is simply gorgeouuuuuus! *

  12. I love the leather vest, it's fierce. Oh guess what babe, my best friend is such a fan of your blog now, she reads it every day. She's super fascinated with your shoe collection!! Anyway, big kiss!

  13. I'm so jealous you have those pants! I want them but my H&M only had big sizes left :(

    p.s. Happy Birthday! hope to be reading this for two more plus years!!!

  14. beautiful post. happy 2nd birthday to your lovely blog.

    ur outfit is gorgeous. love the pants and ur ring.

    also really like the background. is that ur garage?

    well i hope you have a great weekend.


  15. What a cool outfit. i've been looking for some pants like that for ages.

    congratulations! Your blog is so full of life and color and happiness, and it makes me jealous just looking at the pictures of you and your adorable son :) keep it up!

  16. Happy blog birthday!!!:)
    You look so '70s!!!


  17. Oh, you look lovely dear. As always:)

    And happy anniversary to your as equally lovely blog! When I first came across your blog, I knew it would be one of my faves. When I read the about the author section, I envied and admired you:) I hope I can do something brave in my life as well:) You look really happy, goodluck with life! Will be seeing more from you!


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