instead of words...


... let these photos speak for what i have been doing the last days.

  • i've given the multiple watches in one wrist trend and i swear an old lady thought i was crazy.
  • yesterday, was the hottest day in germany so we went to the beach, stacked up on mozarella sticks, chicken wings and caipirinhas!
  • i am thinking of perming my hair again but i know it will come back to its crazy straight ass state after a week, so NO.


  1. OMG does your baby boy always make this face (2rd pic) when he's getting photographed? adorable :)

    and i can imagine what people think.. (like " look at this crazy girl, she has more than one watch on her wrist. OMG let's stare at her!")

  2. hehe..when I read perm I always remember photos of my mum in her twenties..perm was so modern..and she had thi huuuge afro-like hair :D
    you look very nice adn your watches are cool! adn miguel is so old is he?

  3. oooooooooooh i love all of the accessories - great post! x

  4. ur baby boy is SO cute.
    love the rings too!

  5. Your baby boy is soooooo adorable!! xx

  6. love the skirt in the first outfit :)

    kiss from Portugal***


  7. i love both of your cool outfits.

    tell me about the watches. Mines small so they're hardly recognized as watches. And they're all broken. hihihi. So bangle na lang.

    Miguel is a happy baby.

  8. Hey!
    I've found your Blog while surfing on Andy's ( twitter account because she mentioned you in one of her posts!
    I never thought that i would find someone who's got a Fashion-Blog and is also from the "Ortenau" hahaha.
    I saw your twitter-Page and read "Offenburg"... And was like "really? Is that possible?!" =)
    I'm actually living in Kehl which is about 20 train-minutes form OG (don't now if you know Kehl..)

    I like your Blog very much and i'm going to follow your Blog cause i'm very proud that someone with such a great style like you is living in Offenburg (because i really don't see very often fashionable people up in here!)

    PS: i like that "che bello" store in OG! Great bags hehe.


  9. looooove the romper omg it looks so awesome on you I have no words!!

  10. Very cute pictures of Miguel! I actually went to the beach too a few days ago haha!

  11. lovely and cute faces, i hope you enjoy those days

  12. I love multiple watches. And rings of course. You can't have too many rings!

  13. My god Miguel just gets more and more gwapo.

    Are you coming through to the island when you hit the motherland?

    Your photos just made me really hungry. lol

  14. you look great! I love total black ever... just perfect for all the occasion!
    your Miguel is so lovely... how terribly cute and beautiful is he!!!

  15. you look pretty :) and your baby is soo cute sweet <3

  16. hey, Miguel is getting big.

    looks like you have fun hot day!

    I give you awards on my blog.

  17. Your son is so handsome! I hope he grows up to be a sweetheart.
    Loving your style as always


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