Monday, October 29, 2012


IMG_0822 Kopie IMG_0833 Kopie IMG_0680 Kopie2 IMG_0443 IMG_0831 Kopie IMG_0383 Kopie IMG_0832 Kopie IMG_0753 Kopie IMG_0351 IMG_0623 Kopie IMG_0846 Kopie IMG_0779 Kopie IMG_0323 IMG_0763 Kopie IMG_0847 Kopie IMG_0840 Kopie IMG_0809 Kopie IMG_0862 Kopie2

hey guys!
as i´ve told you, le boyf & i was on a quick trip to hamburg for the annual deichmann shoe step awards.
a blogpost of mine was nominated under the best shoe blogpost category.
i didn´t win but i´ve brought home great snapshots & memories!
we partied the night away and spent the whole friday walking around hamburg, drinking coffee, shopping at acne and wishing i had 1900 euros to bring home that DREAM shearling jacket, eating burgers, instagram-ing, and generally just having fun!
what i especially love about these blogger events are the people you meet along the way!
i can still remember meeting dustinoliver (in hamburg!!) and yonas for the first time and since then, we´ve become really great friends!

i hope the pictures give justice to the two amazing days i´ve spent in hamburg, which by the way is the nicest german city for me!
thank you to deichmann for the invitation and great accomodation. can´t wait to be part of it again next year!


Sunday, October 28, 2012


IMG_0416 Kopie IMG_0380 Kopie IMG_0388 Kopie IMG_0392 Kopie IMG_0418 Kopie
leather vest: H&M FASHION AGAINST AIDS * shorts: BITCHING AND JUNKFOOD // cross necklace: KEI both via MARKETHQ * ismini boots: ALEXANDER WANG * aviators: RAY BAN * watch: MICHAEL KORS

when i wore this outfit last weekend, i would have never imagined that it would be snowing by the time i got around to post it here in the blog.
just when i finally accepted the fact that fall is here, winter just has to rub his presence against my freezing bum!
so this is definitely the last time bare legs and bare arms are gonna make an appearance here on the blog!

anyway, i just spent two great days in hamburg for the deichmann shoe step awards (more on that tomorrow!).



Wednesday, October 24, 2012


IMG_0054 Kopie IMG_0039 Kopie IMG_0101 Kopie IMG_0027 Kopie IMG_0111 Kopie IMG_0066 Kopie
raglan shirt: 5PREVIEW * leather panel leggings: HALLHUBER * boots: THEYSKENS´ THEORY * rocco duffel bag: ALEXANDER WANG * super duper strength sunglasses: KAREN WALKER

hello guys, i am anjelica and i am an alexander wang-aholic!
this bag was definitely the start of my self inflicted addiction to mr. wang.
i can still vividly remember that one gloomy day when i was casually browsing The Outnet for random crap (read: balmain jackets that were still too expensive at 80%).
THEN, i saw this bag with a whooping 40% off. i just gotten my christmas bonus. i doubted for about 5 seconds but my inner shopaholic goddess whispered that if i don´t get this now, i will never will. damn right she was.
so i clicked it home and the rest, they say is,  HISTORY.
and it is still my favorite bag from my collection.



Monday, October 22, 2012


IMG_0498 Kopie IMG_0480 Kopie IMG_0545 Kopie IMG_0504 Kopie IMG_0427 Kopie IMG_0490 Kopie IMG_0475 Kopie IMG_0507 Kopie IMG_0581 Kopie
blouse: H&M * leather panel leggings: HALLHUBER * coat: MANGO * sandals: ALEXANDER WANG * bag: MARC BY MARC JACOBS

it´s no secret that i love love love this place.
it actually doesn´t matter what i am wearing since this pavilion is the center of the attention, no question about that.
the sunset, miguel running around, blowing what is left of the spring dandelions and just the serenity this place brings. PERFECT!
the dream would be to get married here. :)



Sunday, October 21, 2012


IMG_0236 Kopie IMG_0214 Kopie IMG_0253 Kopie IMG_0247 Kopie IMG_0222 Kopie IMG_0249 Kopie IMG_0240 Kopie IMG_0252 Kopie IMG_0212 Kopie IMG_0221 Kopie 
shirt: ZALANDO COLLECTION * jeans: ZARA * coat and sneakers: ISABEL MARANT * aviators: RAY BAN * cross necklace: KEI via MARKETHQ

what´s a better way to spend a saturday afternoon than a quick walk around Strasbourg, munching a box of Pierre Herme macarons along the Rhine river while watching the sun go down, shooting photos in between and playing with my two boys?

so, how did you spend your saturday guys?

ps: how pretty is this cross necklace by the way?



Friday, October 19, 2012


IMG_0134 Kopie IMG_0166 Kopie IMG_0168 Kopie IMG_0142 Kopie IMG_0130 Kopie IMG_0127 Kopie
sweater: ZARA * shorts: H&M TREND * katie box bag: MARC BY MARC JACOBS * boots: MATIKO * aviators: RAY BAN 

hey guys!
i just wanted to present to you, the newest addition to the bag collection.. drum rolls please!
her name is katie! and she´s a beauty..  (wow, i do rhyme when i am super excited!)
anyway, it´s made of the softest leather and for once, i managed to pick a purse that isn´t bigger than me! :)