a life zeichen from me

apparently being a virtual farmer is my personal calling.
i end up waking in the wee hours (read: 4 am) because i can't sleep thinking my crops are gonna virtually go to waste if i don't harvest them on time.
and in farm town's bible, if you wanna be a good farmer you should give up sleep.
for those who don't know what i am talking about, it's ok.
this is just the nerd part of me talking.

and speaking of being nerd,
i am re-reading harry potter books to refresh my memory again.
the films screw up with my imagination, i swear!

i think i may be getting rid of these pants.
i don't like the stares i get when i wear these.

that's all. okthnxbye!


  1. Awww why? They look amazing on you :) Come to visit London or Hong Kong and no one will give you a second look! Haha these big cities are used to individuality xxx

  2. i love the jeans

    Vi from Cali

  3. oh, I understand the craaaazy stares that comes with wearing those badass jeans, but what do they know... I swear you rock them perfectly. xxx

  4. Wait wait, is this really Mode Junkie?? You're not in black!! haha

    I love the jeans, they're probably staring cuz you look good ;)

    Have a great weekend!

    ♥ Christine
    What Was I Thinking?

  5. You should definitely keep your jeans. They are really hot and maybe people are staring because you look good. ; )

  6. hehe..yay shoes twins..those H&M shoes are among my faves:)nice pair of denims:)love the bleached effect of it:)

  7. I love those platforms Honey...U look so fab! :)


  8. Hahahaha ZEICHEN hahaha du bist die BESTE!! Nein warte, you are the beste :D

  9. I have a similar pair and always get stared at too. But who cares. You look hot in them and should definitely keep them.

  10. i really love your outfit!
    cute as always.


  11. You pull off the denim so well! Don't throw them out!

    The only reason why people are staring is because they are JEALOUS ;)

  12. You're crazy, those pants look GREAT on you!

  13. Sayang theyre super cute!


  14. Had to smile about your headline.
    "hello life zeichen" ;)

    The necklace from your previous post is heaven!!! LOVE IT VERY
    MUCH ;)

    Happy weekend with lots of sun!!!!
    Liebe Grüße

  15. Hello, sweetie!
    My name is Olga.
    I found Ur blog @ blogspot.com. I like what U write. You are very cute^^
    I find Ur posts interesting and really helpful. We have the same addictions =)

    I also have a blog: http://styleofbaileys.blogspot.com/ What do you think about it?

    I've just started to write so there isn't too much to read.do you agree?)
    I would be nice if we could do a link exchange.
    I've already added U to my blog list. Hope that I'll be added to yours, too. =))

    The best wishes, Olya Baileys.

  16. I love these jeans..they are perfect and ppl just jealous :)

  17. nooo keep the pants, they look amazing.

  18. I absolutely looooove those jeans!! Don't get rid of them :( Hope you're having a beautiful weekend dear.

  19. wow, perfect look! i love it
    pants are awesome and so coo top


  20. Those pants are amazing.... who cares what stares you get when you look so amazing in them !

  21. hmmm i mustsay they are full of personality . maybe rip them up and wear them super grungy .
    that way you can just glare at anyone who stares at you as though daring them to keep at it :)
    but i know its not very much your style to be grungy so i can understand why you wish to be rid of them

  22. cool jeans.

    you look great as always.

    love love your necklace on the last post.


  23. love your sandals :)

    have a nice sunday, kiss from Portugal***


  24. I have the same jeans:) I have not used them since I bought them but..some day I will do that:)

  25. The shoes are hot! So isz the top and the pants. I wouldn't get rid of the pants, i would just wear them with something more simple. I.e. plack closed pumps and a balck or blue tank top.

  26. have to laugh! :) i dont play farm town on facebook but i know a friend who do and is addicted to it too.

    im scrolling through the comments here and no one mentioned a thing about it. haha.

    those are fab jeans! think twice about selling them.

    and i like the way you write. it's very smart and funny!


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