Gekauft! Bought! Sold!

i have been contemplating for like one week now if i needed (read: if i can afford) these stuff:

AA Interlock Mini Skirt

AA 3er Pack Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V Neck

AA Tri-Blend Lightweight Raglan Pullover

AA Polyester Micro- Fiber Tulip Skirt


turns out, I DO! :( i was looking for a decent white t-shirt in my closet today, and guess what? i found nothing. nada. it was either too girly or not really what i was looking for. and i am getting sick of my clothes and all the color and prints. i am kinda undergoing a personality style crisis. if you know what i mean..
don't we all find great excuses for our shopping habits?

i have finalized my order from american apparel and i hope to get my hands on these pieces immediately! i signed up for the newsletter and got 15% off. thank god. 2 skirts, one sweater, 3 shirts = 120 euros!!! these better be fucking great and be the most comfortable shirt i have ever worn like the reviews i read, because this would be the last time i would spend this much on basics.

as if i haven't spent enough, i got this wanna be carrie bradshaw studded belt and leopard tights from asos, mainly because i have never tried ordering there and really want to try how fast they ship and the whole she-bang.

my 2 H&M packages haven't arrived yet, so once they get to me, i am promising myself not to buy anything until december. november has just begun, we'll see how long i last. i will try my best not to cheat. promise!
whoever invented online shopping must be a genius in draining people's wallets and must have been best friends with the one who invented credit cards... oh well. ;)


  1. i love asos ... but the delivery and taxes to canada to canada are crazy expensive... although those are awesome find, I'm not a big fan of AA...i washed that black skirt and it shrunk so bad I had to throw it out ... and I didn't dry it. So be very careful when washing the items -- just a suggestion,lol. Or maybe it's just me who had such day luck :(

    I can't wait to see how you wear those tights... :)

    Have an awesome day

  2. Hey!
    came upon ur blog, and wanted to say : i heart that studded belt!!!!!
    and props to u for going to Germany and exploring the fun world!

  3. great purchases, you will not regret it :) especially the raglan sweater is so cozy and comfy.

  4. teehee! :)

    and i just found out that LVMH owned more than 40% of all the luxury brands in the world, as well as almost 50% of shares in Duty Free! crazzy! oh monopoly.. and we are happy victims! :)

  5. is that you on the dress pictures???
    how's Miguel??

  6. I LOVE those asos tights!! I think I may need them!

  7. Ok, seems the shopping ban is working very well with you :P

    Yes, AA are very tempting, believe me I know... :) but oh, so expensive in Europe. Hope the v-necks are as gorgeous as they look, will wait for a report because I never seem to find tees that fit and feel the right way (you know, this soft and delicate material).


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