My Secret Affair With Roger Vivier.

THE ROSE 'N ROLL. It actually tells all, no?
i wasn't really amazed with christian louboutins. the red soles are unique i gotta admit but they're so ordinary, i'd rather buy my marc jacobs. they're cheaper and way trendier.
ROGER VIVIER is something different. its chic, sassy and cool. but my greatest sorrow and disappointment is that here in germany, the only place or rather the only possibility to buy roger vivier shoes is, EBAY. surprise! i really love ebay and all but they sometimes overprice with stuff where they know they can. i was close to buying something through buy it now option but it was twice the price if i order it from bluefly. and it was used. so i thought it was not worth it. too bad they don't ship here like most of the online shops in the world. knock, knock topshop. :)

so anybody who knows where i can buy them: give me a buzz! i'll forever be thankful!


  1. Hey! I'm from germany, too! and i know herm├Ęs,... Germany isn't paris or ny but it's also no fashion desert...


    despite, i like your blog

  2. oh of course u do! :) i meant people here in my small town, offenburg. i started reading your blog too! can i link your blog to mine? :)


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