i did something worthwhile today.

i made spring rolls. yey for me!

i burnt some of them but they still did taste good. lol
i tend to cook when i don't have anything to do. or other crazy things.
i bought the whole bobbi brown brush set. i'm so nervous about my credit card bill. lord help me.
then, i bloghopped (my favorite time killer and anxiety remover) and look what i have found. such an inspiration.
photo from bryanboy.com

ok, for those who don't know bryanboy yet, lemme introduce him to you. he's a filipino (like me!) blogger & entrepreneur. not only marc jacobs love him but every single gay famous person you know loves him. :) he's a fab writer. so funny. although he sometimes talk bad about the philippines (not that it's the perfect country), i still give him A+ for honesty. he buys designer bags or clothes like they're from h&m, he travels as if there's no tomorrow and he makes blogging for me so inspiring and entertaining. check him out. he kinda likes the attention!

isn't this our very dream people? that somehow, someday our favorite person in the world or role model whatevs, would read our simple blog? (i haven't really decided yet who my favorite person is, but i'll let you know if i do.)


  1. und verräts du das rezept für die frühlingsrollen?

  2. spring rolls are yummy, yey!!!
    and thanks for introducing me this blog!

  3. @marymaryjane:
    ja, kein thema. :) hackfleisch, karotten, kartoffel, zwiebel, knoblauch, ei in einem topf mixen, in papier rollen und das war's. haha. ganz einfach. sonst haette ich es nicht gemacht!

    so yummy! want some? :)
    oh that blog is addicting!


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