photos by Manuela Kjeilen from passionforbaking.com

there´s this certain urge in myself that i can´t seem to silence anymore.
i have been dreaming of having a small café, where i can bake cake pops, cupcakes, cute little tarts and drink coffee or tea all day.
a small hangout for people who love sweets and maybe someone playing the guitar live on weekends. or Ryan Gosling just hanging out. AHHH..
eventually it´s gonna be a fashion café where i will also sell some shoes and clothes but hey, we have to start somewhere, right?
it looks exactly like Manuela´s kitchen in my mind maybe with different chairs (i would like them to be mismatched) but you get the picture!
recently, Ebay launched a feature where every member can put together a collection/ collage of pretty things.
i had the honor of trying the feature before it was made public and i can´t stop adding stuff in my 
Dream Kitchen collection, of course, it´s mostly pink! LOL
There´s absolutely nothing that i want that´s not available in Ebay.
Unbenannt-1 CAKEPOPS IMG_2664 cupcake fondant toppers easter image

if you have an account, let me know! i love finding new inspiration.
if not, you can see HERE how you can start curating your own collections!
if you want to see my other collections, click here: MODEJUNKIE



  1. so cute and yummy!!


  2. So yummy! Go after your dreams lady!
    With love,


    | justlikesushi.com |

  3. That's a wonderful dream. I can imagine it must be great to have a café like that.
    I hope one day you can fulfill this dream <3

  4. That looks so so yummy, and it sounds a great thing to do, the cafe!



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