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sunday. paris. chloe. 4 pm. tuileries gardens. 
it was my last 3 hours in paris.. although i knew that there will be thousands of people probably wanting to do the same thing as i do, add that to the normal tourists out on a perfect sunny parisian day, i still decided to join the flock of streetstyle photographers hoping to snap some big peacocks (as coined by Suzy Menkes) before i left. it was pure mayhem.

i went an hour earlier to sit by the water and to feed the birds. besides, the "important" ones always come fashionably late. from the green chair i was sitting, i can observe from a far what goes on before the show. how photographers try to find the perfect spot to shoot. how the "celebrities" find their perfect entrance to catch the attention of all said photographers. how my blogger colleagues "purposely" run to the show site like they´re in a hurry and late for the show, with clutches on tow, iphones on hold. one photog approaches & asks if he can get a photo.
of course they stop and pose.
they´re not in a hurry after all and don´t have an invite to the show.
i loved the view.
it was a parade of colorful coats, neon beanies dslr cameras & skyscraper heels. the colorful the better. the higher the better.
ahhh fashion week. how i love thee.


  1. Great pics!!! Sooo much inspiration! Love them!!


  2. Looks amazingg. Really adore the orange dress; great design!!

    LOVE BO,

  3. This is the best description of Tuileries I have read... It's cool thinking that I was next to you at that exact same moment seeing it all happen :)


  4. das macht Lust auch im Parisermodedschungel zu sein!


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