okay, so since you all loved the jacket from this post, i organized a giveaway with the amazing peeps from 5preview (which by the way is having a kick ass summer sale!) to give one of my readers one jacket!

tell me on the comment box why YOU have to win the jacket with your size and email address.


EXTRA: i would put your name twice on the bowl if you tweet (you don´t have to though!):
i would love to win the @5preview whatever jacket from @modejunkie here: http://bit.ly/Lfrj0K.

would really appreciate though if you could give me some love over my gazillion social networks!
contest ends on wednesday, june 11!


  1. to show the world where his place when annoys me ;)
    xoxo :*

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    1. Die Jacke würde mich total für 3 Wochen Lernstress und 10 Klausuren belohnen!!!
      Feemanon@gmx.de Größe S
      Cheers, Fee

  3. Ack! The Jacket is so ICED!

    I HAVE TO Win the jacket because I need that to tell people " WHATEVER!!!" everytime they mess with me. Well, minus the birds, maybe. lols

    Size: Large

  4. Everyone teaches "you are special". It's a sort of religion our generation grew up with.

    The television tells it, commercials tell it to sell more, reality shows tell it to increase the number of people doing the castings, almost every personal blog is a celebration of "Self", and there are even books on the subject!

    That's why I say "WHATEVER"; that's why I should win the jacket.

    Patrizia, size M, mia.ksye [at] gmail.com

  5. Hey Anjelica,
    I really think, that I should win this jacket - perfect for summer nights and other events.
    Even though these jackets are around for quite some time now - I still don't own a single one. Sadly! I really would appreciate to win it.
    Jada Joyce

    Excited! Gorgeous blog + giveaway BTW :)

  6. I JUST GRADUATED! And now I say 'Whatever' to my school! Hihi!
    size: L
    E: joy.justlikesushi@gmail.com

  7. Hey,

    People always somehow have go comment on the stuff I wear,
    so if I would own this jacket, they could definitely see that i don't give a S- and turn my back on them while they can read: WHATEVER

    Size: S
    E-mail: contact@maybui.com

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  9. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I'd love to win this jacket because there are times in my regular daily life routines where I'd come across a situation where I'd just have to throw my hands up in the air and say "Whatever" to. Because it's a denim jacket, it'll be worn more often than I would imagine it to be (I love to layer). I'd wear a size US medium. :)


  10. I have to win this jacket because it reminds me of Ian Curtis, in a movie Control he wore a black coat and on the back it said hate. And JD is my all time favorite band, I even have a tattoo with their quote! <3


  11. I'd love to win that jacket just to be able to say what I really feel without fear. I want to be strong.
    by Chiara - Italy
    size: m

  12. what ever comes into my life i will promise hopefully do my best for life for me and my family and friends. The jacket should remember me every day whats really urgent is in life and love. What ever comes... it comes and its good so ...
    size s or m

  13. I must win the jacket because WHATEVER happenS, the jacket will save my day &
    WHATEVER i wear with it, the jacket will be the STAR of my outfit
    size : medium US


  14. coolste jacke! ich glaube, sie würde in vielen situationen das richtige statement vermitteln! aktuell hätte ich sie gerne an, wenn ich der uni dieses jahr endlich den rücken zukehren kann :D email: veness@me.com größe: s

  15. So that I could walk around all day, everyday... and feel all nice and good ;-D

    aaaand I'm a Small

  16. Because I don't have a denim jacket in my wardrobe yet - and for all those times when my motto becomes, "fuck it!"

    size: small
    email: sugoidesuyo(at)gmail(dot)com

  17. I'd love to win the jacket, because then I would wear it everytime I would be supposed to meet peeeps I don't like and if they will come to me and talk I would simply turn around and go away! LIKE A BOSS

    size 36'd be amazing!

  18. I simply need a bad-ass jacket...period.

    Sz uk8
    Twitter: michelleane0us

  19. I looove this jacket. I need it because I am saving for my study in Manhatten this summer. But I really need a badass denim jacket! :)

    Size 38 :D


    love mellosobsessions.dk

  20. J'adore cette veste , j'aimerais la gagner pour pouvoir l'associer a tout mes pieces de mon dressing ... taille 38 ... auroreilone@gmail.com
    Je croise les doigts j'admire tellement cette veste.
    Merci pour l'inspiration que tu m'apporte ♥♥♥

  21. I want to win, because I am one of your assiduous follower and I deserve it.

    Much Love from Italy


    Size XS or S

  22. I want to win this jacket cus it's perfect and I say whatever a lot

    Size M


  23. I want to win this jacket because it's the perfect jacket to start my holiday with. Currently I am stressing out for my final exams, but when my holiday starts i will be like WHATEVER ;)!!

    Size M



  24. I have to win the jacket because I'm a super buyer of 5PREVIEW!!! <3


  25. i have to win this because it's the absolute ever ever vreni jacket!!!!!!!!

  26. Haha this jacket is so cool.
    Well, first I've been following you for a long time, you probably know that, because sometimes I had the chance to receive a comment from you :)
    Thanks to bloggers like you, and thanks to the blogosphere, my style really evolved, and keeps evolving everyday.
    After trying a lot of different styles, experimenting new looks, I found out that the styles that suit me the most, and truly correspond me, are the rock/grungy style, and the classy/sober style. I also love mixing them both.

    So why am I telling you all this ? Because I already know how I would wear this jacket. Off course with cut offs and a cool tee is the first idea coming to my mind, but I could also see it with leather shorts and high heels, or even with a flowered dress and spike shoes, or simply with a white blouse... So many combinations actually.

    But also, as many already said, it would be nice way to say "WHATEVER" to people staring at me in the streets all the time, just because my heels are too high or my pants to flashy, say whatever to the mean people who have been laughing at me for years because of my style, and show them where my creativity brought me, whatever to those who criticize you because they don't like your outfit and don't even care to know who you are. That's it, I need this jacket.

    And of course I will tweet this ;)

    Even if I don't win, keep in mind that all I said was sincere :)

    Keep the great work Anjelica, your blog is real inspiration.

    Oh, almost forgot, my email address : contactcoralie@gmail.com


    www.coralieslooks.com - FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  27. aaaak i love the jacket!! sooo damn cool!!
    i want to win this because i want to show to the person who always annoying, blah blah :/


  28. i also tweeted :) https://twitter.com/LMarthadinata/status/217927703104458753

  29. So eine tolle Jacke!
    Ich sollte die Jacke gewinnen,weil ich den Leuten,die Gerüchte verbreiten oder lästern schon immer meine kalte Schulter zeigen wollte ,ich würde ihnen einfach meinen Rücken zudrehen und meinen Weg weiter laufen,dann werden sie die ganze Zeit sehen,was ich von ihrem Gerede halte !

    Tolles Gewinnspiel !



  30. I have to win because I love everything what is made from jeans! Besides the "whatever" is my fav word ;D


    tweeted: https://twitter.com/agusiazg/status/217930722214809600

  31. I want this jacket because i loooooooove statements on clothes and everyone who knows me would agree that this jacket is the perfect match for me.
    And I wanted to have something from 5preview for years!

    size: s

  32. i would love to win this jacket because i've promised myself i wouldn't buy anything new until september but winning something wouldn't break that haha. it's a truly lovely jacket, it would make my year if i had it and i'd wear it to death!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc // thelovecatsinc@hotmail.co.uk

  33. Hey Betty,
    The reason why I want to win this jacket is that I love flashy clothes! You look on the German roads, run around the people and see no wearing jacket with the inscription 'WHATEVER' carry on their backs.
    I also love jeans jackets , I've got a short one and its and lighter, I find them totally stylish.
    Unfortunately I am not so old, so I can't go to work and earn my own money, and I think such a jacket is already expensive.
    I would be happy if I win.
    My email: mahta.sarie@web.de

    Thank you ♥

  34. its gonna fit my t-shirt " I don't really care"


  35. Hey Anjelica!
    Diese Jacke ist einfach wundervoll. Du siehst sehr heiß in ihr aus. Bin auch ne Pinay und würde gerne ein wenig von deiner hotness abhaben. Lol. :P
    Jeans Jacken sind im Moment sehr trendy, nur leider kann ich mir keine leisten, weil ich pleite bin. Diese Jacke ist außerdem anders als die anderen. Sie hat ein Statement und das gefällt mir sehr gut. Wenn ich sie gewinnen würde, könnte ich mir meinen 'Hi haters!'-Blick ersparen und ihnen einfach meine schöne Hinterseite zeigen.

    e-mail: netalice@yahoo.de / size: medium

  36. because everything at the moment is breaking up and the only thing I can think is, whatever... -_-

    size XL

  37. https://twitter.com/donutverliebt/status/217952353289117696

    size XL

  38. Hallo, ich würde sie gerne gewinnen um mich für meine 3 Monate Lernstress und Prüfungen zu belohnen! :) Grösse: S

  39. I would love to win it because it is so badass it's insane!
    I am trying to incorporate items like that in my outfits because I tend to always dress super-feminine!
    my size would be M - I think :D
    Ivana Nikolova

  40. Hey,

    that's so me, this jacket ;-)

    Helena Wagner
    Size: 38/M

  41. I should win, because I have been looking for a cool denim jacket for a long time now, but haven't found one yet! This jacket would fit perfectly into my closet and it would be so nice to wear in the summer evenings :-)

    Laura Lykkegaard Jensen
    I use size XS :-)

  42. i wanna win this jacket with cool statement!


    size- xs


  43. Die Jacke ist der Hammer & sie bschreibt zu Zeit meinen Gemütszustand sehr gut^^

    E-Mail: dill.natalie@yahoo.de
    Größe: XL

    Tweet: https://twitter.com/Natadi22/status/217980575053647872

    Liebe Grüße

  44. Ich würde mich super freuen die Jacke zu gewinnen, weil ich schon lange auf der Suche nach ner coolen Jacke mit Statement bin...


    Größe: S

    Liebe Grüße

  45. i have to win this jacket cause everybody has been on my back lately.nagging me about every thing. can a 23 year old girl just live??!!
    anyway, this would be my new "weapon". i tell'em "i don't care" a lot but somehow i feel that visuals are more persuasive, and i might finally get some peace and just be myself!
    plus, i realized that i don't own a denim jacket aside from a really old oversized one i got from my brother's closet, that he wore in his teens(read:ageeees ago-now he's like 30).

    so, i guess that's it.
    size M (38-40)

  46. wtf? I mean what ever? this is such a great statement piece of clothing that I would love to take out everyday and be asked for "oh, where is this crazy cool jacket from? This jacket has to be shown off and I am crossing my fingers for that I am gonna be able to do that :)

    X, Annie

    1. I got so excited that I forgot to put my size haha: so here we go- M please ;)

  47. I'm so busy with school and working to pay for school that I haven't been able to shop! A statement demin jacket would be the perfect piece to add to my dying wardrobe!


    Email: nmalston92@gmail.com

    P.S I tweeted!

  48. Because I am getting a lot of stick of so called friends about starting my own blog .....when I really thought they would of supported me and gave me confidence to do it .... This statement jacket would spur me on to keep going no matter what people say !!! .....thank you

  49. My Name: Mathilde G

    My size: Small

    My e-mail: tildegoetke@hotmail.com

    My Twittername: @GoetkeTheWanted (I tweeted it :D)

    My reason to win: I should win, because I have been looking for a cool denim jacket for a long time now, but haven't found one yet! This jacket would fit perfectly into my closet and I live in Denmark, so you actually need a jacket in the summer time :-)

    Now I shall cross my fingers and hope I'll win it!! :)

  50. So many people in this world are so insecure and unfortunate just because they depent their personality and identity on others.
    People can hurt and broke you.
    Stop this please and say 'whatever' to what people think of you. The jacket would be a great way to make this come true even I don't listen to what others say by myself.

    Thank you for this giveaway, that may it open many eyes.


  51. My name is Maisa Ferreira, my size is M, and email : miss_taisa@hotmail.com.

    I would love to win this jacket first, because is super cool("whatever"), and is a denim jacket which i dont have yet and besides i hv been thinking about buying one (even though i dnt know when), so its perfect for me and my summer nights!!! :D

  52. because whatever is a word that comes to my mind very often and instead of having to say it (and maybe offend one or the other - oops) i would just put my jacket on and walk off!
    my size is i don't know - depends on how the jacket fits i guess; m - l!
    email is itsthepassion@yahoo.de

    thanks love!

  53. I am stunned! I want it! My precious! ! It`s mine, mine, MINE!!!!

  54. I would love to win this jacket because in school people always want to put me down for good grades and they had a lot of unnecessary pressure and I feel that this jacket really saysnwhat I feel now because I have chosen to ignore them.


  55. I would love to win this jacket because in school people always want to put me down for good grades and they had a lot of unnecessary pressure and I feel that this jacket really saysnwhat I feel now because I have chosen to ignore them.


  56. I would love to win because my rock&roll style says "whatever" all this time when people comment my lifestyle and all the time they say "oh what are you doing with your life?! You can't do this... this... this... oh, and this!". It's irritating but... whatever :P Oh and this jacket will be perfect to the Woodstock Festival ;)

  57. Because when I will go get my grades and they tell me how many fails I have (and they will) I can just turn around and point to my bag with both fingers so they can't see my upset face ;-P
    I could go: 'Just walk away dear, just walk away. Let your back do the talking.' to myself in my head and totally be cool :-D

    Also, Ive tweeted: https://twitter.com/candyandtreats/status/218060396106489856
    (Yes, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to win this jacket :-D my favorite give-away of the year!)


  58. I want to win this jacket because it's a beautiful denim jacket with a cool statement. I fell in love with this jacket since i saw it on your blog first.
    And it fits perfectly to my t-shirt with the statement "Who Cares" !

    Size: M
    email: info@eileen-marie.de

  59. I want this jacket because I love cowboyjackets and this is over the top. Cool. Different from the other cowboyjackets. I want it because I often say Whatever. Haha.

    Size: Small
    Email: amanda79@live.dk

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  61. Personally I should win this jacket because it has my name all over it and I instantly feel in love with it! But in reality the reason I think I should win this jacket is because I just graduated from high school and soon will be going to school to be a fashion designer, and I can see myself wearing this jacket to school and the jacket alone makes a huge statement just like I will make when everyone sees the potential, desire, and flare of my designs. Plus out of all the things i got for graduation I really think this jacket will top everything. I love denim and great quality, and I feel this jacket is perfect for me!

    Size: Small
    Email: irisy.moore14@yahoo.com

  62. I would love to win this jacket because I do not care what people think of me, and the inscription on the jacket speaks my mind when I hear somebody talking about me :)

    Size: Small
    email: lizyka@hotmail.com

  63. Hey gorgeous!
    Ich möchte die Jacke so gerne haben, weil whatever oder "wie auch immer" mein Lebensspruch ist, der mich Tag für Tag durch den Alltag bringt. Wenn bei uns wieder viel Drama ist (und das ist es sehr sehr oft), dann sage ich mir immer: wie auch immer. Es sollte mich nicht so sehr ans Herz gehen. Mir ist es egal, ich lasse mich davon nicht runterziehen. Ist mir egal, wie auch immer, interessiert mich nicht.
    Ich brauche unbedingt diese Jacke, dann brauch ich nicht ständig allen sagen, wie egal es mir ist und dass es mich nicht hart trifft. Ich kann ihnen einfach meinen Rücken zeigen und dann wissen wie, was Sache ist!

    Siz: Small
    Email: van.hailey[at]yahoo.de

  64. size - 38
    email- madzia3991@interia.eu
    I would love to win this jacket because i dont think about what people think about me

  65. I have to win this jacket because it is so COOL and i couldn't miss the chance.
    I feel like it is so match my style and I love it immediately when i saw your post. *fingercross*

    Size: M
    email: jsanmani@hotmail.com


  66. Size-M
    Email: queenc23@gmail.com
    I should win this jacket. Why, you ask? Not just because I'm absolutely in love with it (and I am). But because I would like to win maybe one thing in my entire life. I never win. Nada. Not a bingo game, a radio contest, I don't even win Marco Polo when I'm in the pool. Please let me win this fantastic jacket!!!

  67. to say "WHAT EVER" to my father. it´s my life & i do it very well!
    Size: S
    Mail: KimHenneke@aol.com

  68. I should win this amazing jacket because I use 'whatever' for forever now and people think it is part of me... (they tease me with it all the time :S). With this jacket it will truly be part of me and everytime someone teases me with the word I can turn my back at them and walk alway with my head held high, WHATEVER :D!
    Size S will be perfect.
    mail: close.upje@gmail.com

  69. "WHAT EVER" are going through, keep on striving. "WHAT EVER" he/she did, keep on loving. "WHAT EVER" bills don't get paid, things are going to work out, keep living. "WHAT EVER" you have, it is still enough for you to share. "WHAT EVER" happens, your outlook can make the situation "WHAT EVER" you need to be a blessing to someone else!

    US Size: M

  70. because the jacken would perfectly fit with my new shoes i bought yesterday!
    and i always say "WHAT EVAAAAA" it's like my fav sentence when i don't want to answer or repeat something! haha
    size m

  71. woohooo... i'd lóve to win! i tweeted! (@Fashionisaparty)

  72. Do I want this jacket? WHATEVER!
    I'm joking, of course, I love the jacket. And it's so me, because, although I'm portuguese, I'm always saying 'whatever', it's like my catch-phrase. That's why I'd love to win this jacket.
    Size: M
    Email: carolinagavancho@gmail.com


  73. I want to win it because it's so me! :)
    Size Small
    holliister at gmail dot com

  74. I also tweeted: https://twitter.com/collifornia/status/218518302861950976
    holliister at gmail dot com

  75. I am in such challenging situation with some nice men around me... it would be nice to sometimes just wear this jacket, so I don't have to say it myself all the time: "WHATEVER"
    It would be the perfect statement jacket at a perfect timing.

  76. Liebe Anjelica,
    hier ein kleiner Reim für dich:

    5preview ist einfach super fett,
    die Jacke zu gewinnen wär richtig nett ☺

    Leider kann ich sie mir alleine nicht leisten,
    deswegen möchte ich sie hier von allen Mädchen am meisten ☺

    Zu gewinnen wär für mich das absolute Sahnehäubchen,
    deswegen zieh mich bitte aus deinem Glückstopf du liebes Täubchen ☺

    Larissa Joggerst

    Size: m
    E-Mail: ljoggerst@web.de

  77. Hi Anjelica, I am Flavia, a fourteen-year-old girl from Milan who follows you from ages. You truly are my inspiration and I do love your style so so much!
    Apart from this, I should win this jacket because I am just like a whatever-person is: I think that behind the word written on your (amazing!) jacket there is an important message that everybody should know. BE YOURSELF. That's it. Just follow yourself, stay you, stay true to yourself, never lie to yourself or pretend to be someone that you aren't. Just let them talk and go on your own way. Your way is the right one :)

    SIZE: M
    E-MAIL: tres_jolie97@hotmail.it (got this when I was eleven eheh)


  78. I always say `WHAT EVAAA` so it would be cool instead of saying to just point at the back of the jacket! :D
    I am a size small.

  79. I think it's cool - but whatever…
    Size XS

  80. wünsche dir einen wunderschönen morgen :)

    ja die jacke würde mir ein unglaublich wichtiges gefühl zurückgeben, jetzt nach meinem abi und nachdem die unibewerbungen raus sind, so oft hab ich schon den satz gehört: " das ist jetzt die wichtigste zeit in deinem leben!"
    diese ernsthaftigkeit hab ich satt! ich will mein "what ever" gefühl wieder haben! die jacke wäre perfekt dafür! <3

    schonmal danke dafür, dass du dir hier die ganzen erklärungen durchliest! :)

    grösse 34, wenn es klein ausfällt 36 :)


  81. Loving this jacket! It would fit my personality perfectly! It`s a perfect basic with a rock & roll attitude! My size is xs and email: blamichelle@hotmail.com
    Fingers crossed and keep up the good work!

    Much love from Holland,

  82. I have to win the jacket because I am in LOVE WITH IT AND IT WOULD GO PERFECT WITH MY NEW NEON SHORTS! - SIZE:S email:rossigeo_12@hotmail.com

  83. I need the jacket, when i go to New York. The jacket is so amazing.


    Size: L



  84. Whatever the reason is, it just have to be mine!!!
    Size: s/m
    Snow White

  85. I've always wanted a jeans jacket so I would love to win this! I think it goes with every piece of clothing.


    Email: skymaiden81@hotmail.com

  86. I would like to win it because in many situations I would like to say "whatever" to some people, but I don't for some reason. So with this jacket I would just show them my back.
    Size L

  87. because the life is done with choices, it does not matter what comes. so `whatever`.

    Size S

  88. Weil ich machte gerade einen riesigen Aufwand, um diesen Satz in Deutsch zu übersetzen, und du wirst du auch einen riesigen Aufwand, um es zu übersetzen. Aber schließlich ... WHATEVER ?

    Size L

  89. i wanna win this jacket, coz i feel I'm in a whatever mood. so i need this jacket or vacations haha
    size s or m

  90. I would love to win this jacket because it"s so bad-ass. I have never own a denim jacket before, and I've been looking for the right one! This jacket would be perfect for me because who needs to speak when the words that you're feeling are right on the back of your jacket!

    size L

    1. I've also tweeted about the giveaway : @the_nadex

  91. hi :)
    i HAVE to win this jacket! One being the obvious reason that its amazing, i love the way it grabs your attention and POPS.

    but on a serious note, as a 23 year old, i feel we are never too young or too old to say the word "whatever" a few years ago, i got kicked out of a fashion school (FIDM,LA) after i almost graduated, and the sad part was, i didnt even care, it was such a bittersweet feeling, i felt saved somehow. The love i once had for fashion, and designing, was drained straight from my fingertips, i eventually had no desire to design, sketch or sew, nothing. Thankfully, two years later, here i am, starting up my business, making clothes again, a few weeks ago i was in a fashion show, I HAD REGAINED ALL MY LOVE. that two year break, gave me clearance, gave me time to break free, but now here i am, doing what i love again, and thats why i say "WHATEVER" to everyone, just because things dont work out the first time doesnt mean they wont work out again for you, you say whatever to all the negativity, whatever to those ugly feelings, whatever to it all and just give yourself time, say whatever to everyone believing you failed, you ONLY FAIL, if you stop trying...

    so never stop trying.

    thanks <3
    -Kimberly C.


    1. I also liked your facebook
      following you ion bloglovin
      following on twitter

      and I also posted a tweet about the giveaway :D


  92. To express that feeling what I sometimes have about fashion: it is extremely much fun, but sometimes you just need a break from all the extravagant and uncomfortable heels, dresses in which you have to keep your breath in order to have it look the way you want (and almost faint :P) and wear denim and sweaters instead. Like Viktor & Rolf's 'NO' but in our own way! :)
    I am a medium.

  93. I just tweteed the contest

    I just like u on facebook

    If i win or Not, I don´t care


    Mail: sdmarcote@gmail.com

    Size M

    1. Ohh i forget !!!!!!!!!!

      And i follow you on bloglovin :))))))))))

      yayyyyyyy XD


  94. unfortunately i never had a jeans jacket since i haven't really found the perfect one.but i think everyone needs to own one because it's a classic,basic and timeless piece.

    size s,please :)

    i tweeted about your giveaway,too


  95. I would like to win because I wanted to tattoo "whatever" on my hand but I think that the jacket'd be a way less invasive to show my thought about a lot of stuff! :D

    size L


    I would go in depression if I do not win this because this is the perfect jacket I can ever own .
    I would rather be cold than wear other jackets because THIS IS MADE FOR ME .
    I would be angry at people who are wearing it and plan scheming schemes to make it MINE . (heehee)
    I would lose my all motivation to dress up because I don't own the most essential of my style; which is this jacket .
    I would lose all concentration on everything else ...

    In conclusion , THIS NEED TO BE MINE . I HAVE TO WIN THIS .



    size: XL/XXL


  97. What ever i want...amazing 5preview jacket:-) i need this for going this summer on the beach without nothing...
    size M


  98. I'm so deep in Love with a girl, and I want to pleasure her. She is the best girl I ever found, she has a great way of style, and I'm sure she'd love that jacket.
    I would be very happy about winning it, so I can present the girl I love with that awesome jacket

    Size S



  99. I think the jacket is super chic, rugged and cool and I always have a WHATEVER moment at least once a day. News flash.. I love it !!!

    Size :WHATEVER your wearing--small--

  100. I NEEED this jacket to show all the wannabe cool '90's kids' at my college what a REAL denim jacket is!

  101. I think I should win because:
    1. I absolutely love 5preview and I think L.A needs it.
    2. I'd wear it around almost everyday and tell everyone how to buy 5preview once they comment on my RAD jacket.
    I discovered 5preview from the coolest Swede I know. Maja Ivarsson of The Sounds.

    1. moniqueotoole@hotmail.com
      size medium please, if I win. :)

  102. there is this movie "The Secret" where they tell you that whenever in life you say `No` to things, they never actually go away. just the opposite - they come back to you with a double stroke.
    so no. I absolutely don`t want this amazing denim jacket. I don`t ever want to see it, wear it, adore it whatsoever.

    size: S/M

  103. Hi! This is a nice giveaway! I would love to win this one for my daughter. She's an incoming freshmen in college, and this jacket would make her look cool :)

    Size: M

  104. Oh by the way, good golly i almost forgot to give my email add: marjnalupa@yahoo.com

  105. Hi! I love the jacket. I want to win this because its gonna be my first ever cool denim jacket. Thanks

    Size: M

  106. Gorgeous jacket. Totally unique and bold. As a musician in a ska-punk band, AND THE ONLY GIRL, I love to wear unique things that really speaks to the audience. I would really love to rep this jacket at one of my shows, because it's definitely punk like me! ;) Perfect for the songs we sing!!!!!
    size: m

  107. I've to win the jacket because it combines with all clothes such as high shorts (like the photo), a long dress, a high skirt or regular jeans. Now the jeans jacket is very fashionable! And also... the written "WHATEVER" is very significant it means all, all is possible, I believe in it!
    Debora Ferri
    Size: M

  108. Hy!
    I've to win the jacket becouse I'me sooo nice and it is sooo nice :-D perfect couple, if U know what I mean ;-)



    size L

  109. Hi! Love this jacket. I want to win it because it's cool and unique!!!

    Size: M

  110. Because it reminds me of Ian Curtis' hate jacket, but still stays fresh. And "whatever" in contrast to "hate" is ironically fantastic, because the only thing worse than extreme dislike is indifference. Also, I'd love to be able to give this to my fiance. XS. CoryGreenwell@gmail.com

  111. It's summer time and the term 'whatever' seems to be used a lot whether directed to boys, siblings, parents or friends. A girl can only say a word so much. This jacket would make it a hell of a lot easier

    Size Large


  112. Somethings you'll just have to think 'whatever' because it's not that special. Also people will no what you really think when you're listening to them.. You can't tell them 'Whatever' because you don't want to be mean, but you do think that.. Also where I live (The Netherlands) it's always cold and wearing a jacket like this is a great way to not be cold but still look fashionable.
    Much love, Elke (elkedesmit@hotmail.com)

  113. I absolutely LOVE this jacket and I would wear the hell out of it!!!

    My size is a small and my email is my.bevelle at gmail dot com


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