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Though it seems so utterly inane right now to post an outfit with the on going "tragedy" that is happening in the Philippines, i really need to get this out of my system.
(wearing black for all the victims and survivors who have lost everything)

Life has been good to me. So good in fact. I started with some big bumps when i came to Germany almost 8 years ago and experienced so much bad stuff to a point of self- pity. But then things changed and i look around today, there is really nothing i can complain about. I have a room full of clothes and shoes to a point that it´s getting out of hand (i am not bragging, i am ashamed), i eat at restaurants where a glass of wine can feed a family in the philippines, i get to travel to countries and experience new cultures as if was a hobby rather than a privilege, i have a healthy gorgeous kid who i spoil with toys that he want but doesn´t really need just because i can (still not bragging, just proving a point), i have a roof over my spoiled head and i have a good paying job where i earn ten times more than a normal working filipino and still be able to do something on the side i am really passionate about, fashion. Recently, earthquakes and typhoons have hit my country and damaged a lot of my fellow countrymen. Destroyed homes, death of family members, lack of food and water, the list goes on..
 and all this made me question how life can sometimes really be unfair. 
It pisses me off how i can complain about so many mundane things when really, i am living a life of a princess. Which designer shoe to wear, which restaurant to go to tonight..
It puzzles me how people in Germany can talk about their poverty when really it is a luxurious life we are all living. If someone has told me that i will be living this life 20 years ago, i would have laughed at them while washing my one pair of uniform for school and hang it at the back of the refrigerator just so i would have a fresh one to wear for school the next day. Me, the girl who got bullied at the schoolyard because i didn´t have the newest 'IT' shoes or a brand new uniform. I know how it is not to be well-off or how it is to lose a home. 
I know that it will take years to mend the broken town of Tacloban who has received the most damage.

My point is, if you´ve reached this text up to here, we should be very grateful for all the things we have.
Not just the material things, but above all, for the good health, abundance in food, friends & family.
I know i am not deserving to have all these when so many, so many people in the Philippines don´t even have clean water to drink right now.
And so I am appealing to all my blog readers all over the world, if you can in any way, send help to my beloved country, i would be forever thankful.
There are loads of organizations that are willing to collect donations and send them over to the Philippines.
You can email me if you don´t know which organzation to send your help to.



  1. Beautiful post!... I am totally with you on this one... I too have to take a moment at times to just be thankful... not just for material things but also for health. My heart bleeds for those affected by the tragedy.... every year this is how I celebrate xmas... I dont buy gifts and the ones I receive I donate to the less fortunate... on xmas eve I go to the homeless shelter and I work! and repeat this on xmas day!... someone said to me a few years back 'ah, your just suffering from middle class guilt'.... actually far from it...I dont feel guilty about the things I have or how I live and enjoy life.... I cant save everyone but I help when I can and donating time (which is sooo precious) helps others and yes, it does make me feel good and keeps me grounded. x

  2. this is just fabulous !!! love it :-

  3. Love this post, Anjelica! :)

  4. beutiful for share this article and enjoy read for me thanks...

  5. Great point! It's so important to keep a broad perspective in order to be open-minded. It's also so important to be grateful for what we have. Thanks for this encouragement. I also love your blouse!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  6. It's so important you write about the Phillipines, I'm really proud you're doing this (because I've read no other fashion blog talking about the topic). And you're so right - we're all living such a luxurious life and we don't even appreciate it. It's kind of normal for us when it isn't for a lot of other people all around the globe. Hope I can figure out how to help the people. xx

  7. We all think about Philippines... We pray for every people there.
    Great post.

  8. God bless the Philippines!

    XOXO Maud


  9. Thank you for this post Kababayan. Fellow bloggers if you would like to help, you can visit also the blog in her latest blog post she provided links of organization where you can send your help for the Supertyphoon victims in the Philippines.

  10. du hast recht. wir meckern so viel und evrgessend abei wie gut es uns geht. man sollte eigentlich viel dankbarer sein!


  11. Ein wunderschöner und wahrer Text. Ich denke den ganzen Tag an die Menschen auf den Philippinen und kann mir das Ausmaß gar nicht vorstellen..

  12. You just made me cry babe. We should be more grateful for what we have and help people.

  13. Great post! I totally agree with you, there's nothing to complain about when you're living in Europe. People complain about recession, because now they can only go on a holiday once a year?! I feel so sorry for the Philippines. Hope your family and loved ones are well.

    xoxo Iris


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