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bustier, skirt and necklace: H&M * sandals: GEORGIA ROSE * watch: MICHAEL KORS * sunnies: PRADA

i was in love with this boy in high school for three long years. ahhh teenage love.
i was ugly, young and unnoticeable.
everyone knew (him included) but he didn´t care.
i was dreading that year´s prom because i knew he will go with someone else. i gave up the hope that he will one day ask me.
what i didn´t know is that he asked a close friend of mine (who was the prettiest in class of course and had the nerve to ask me if she could prep at my house and get picked up by him there).
i was wearing a hideous pink dress, hideous hair and make-up (one that didn´t match my complexion).
cue in horror!
if only i could turn back time.
and wear this.
and spit on their faces. LOL


  1. True story? :-D Wer könnte bei diesem Kleid schon nein sagen?
    Die Kette habe ich mir am Samstag auch geholt. Tolles Teil.

  2. Love this!! Xx Rebecca

  3. Sweet dress!

  4. haha sweet :) don't worry, you would've definitely been voted prom queen with this dress :)

  5. stylish look ..
    like the dress very much!

  6. your dress is amazing ! beautiful color, beautiful fashion. perfect!

  7. hahaha, wat a funny story! Its so bad that prom is not populair in the netherlands. That would be fun

  8. That's such a pretty necklace!

  9. always perfect!

  10. Such a gorgeous dress, looks amazing on you.

    LOVE BO,

  11. U r awesone!

  12. du siehst wundervoll aus. aber dieses schild (eingang...) irritiert mich voll :-D

  13. Romantic dress, I love it!

  14. I bet he's kicking himself now! You look radiant

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    ps check out the giveaway on my blog!

  15. great story :-) I never got to experience prom

  16. very beautiful!
    love your necklace!

  17. beautiful dress, it's absolutely amazing on you!
    Krissy xoxo

  18. nice story! and I love your dress and shoes!

  19. LOL. I died. You're so funny, and the dress looks gorgeous as well.

  20. Haha that story is truly funny and well yes I am with you with the spitting lolz.. This is a fact, once unnoticeable and then bam you come back and there you are strikingly different from the rest and so hotness they melt in envy..

    Btw, your outfit is super!! And those shoes are the perfect combination.. muahh hun!! Really love you blog, your outfits and the attitude!! :)


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  22. Omg! I thought that was a dress! So friggin adorable! Love the shoes!


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