IMG_8384 - Kopie
PATRICK MOHR A/W 2012 - 2013
all images are shot by moi

when i was watching this show i was thinking how greatly my boyfriend would have loved this collection.
it was such a breath of fresh air to see clothes that can be worn on the real world for a change.
loved how the designer put on some extra details to make this collection not like something off the high street stores.

you see, my boyfriend doesn´t care (read: give a damn) about fashion.
he is the typical shirt- jeans- sneakers type of guy.
his favorite brands are adidas Originals & Fred Perry, what a suprise!
not that i don´t like that at all, it´s just sometimes i want to dress him up in stuff i see on the runway or on my favorite streetstyle blogs.
but i have long given up the case.
what about you?
would love to hear your boyfriend stories!


  1. My boyfriend was that way too, until I made him my shopping buddy, and started suggesting stuff he might like. 3 years later... fashion boy in the works :)

  2. ich hab genau das selbe problem wie du mit meinem boyfriend, der typische jeans shirt sportliche typ.
    aber wenigstens lässt er mich tragen was ich will und mach tmir komplimente hihi
    ich liebe deinen blog!

  3. gute Bilder ;)
    Stimmt dass eigentlich was da bei deinem Profil über dich steht??

  4. lovin the last scarf

  5. Das kenne ich! Aber irgendwie ist mein Liebster da auch nicht der Typ für. Obwohl ich manchmal das Gefühl habe, dass ihn meine Modebegeisterung ab und zu ansteckt :-D

  6. Lovely post. Love this collection. And my boyfriend? He has his own style. A bit simple, but I love it. Vans, jeans, nice blouses and sweaters :)

  7. agreed! I always want to dress my brother up in that stuff :) <3

  8. My boyfriend loves dressing up. He's a musician and is in a kind of glam-rock nu-metal band. I love his style :)

  9. I really enjoy going to fashion shows that focus on men collections. My boyfriend is just the same with fashion, as long as it's comfy ;) Even though, he does shop at River Island and American Apparel, and he was really happy when I got him Dessert Boots for his birthday, so I guess there's a good chance on getting him in to more fashionable outfits ;)

  10. What a great pictures!


  11. Lovely photos! xx

  12. Same story here. It has improved, though. Sometimes he surprises me with a very fashionable item! But at least your boyfriend is interested in taking your blog pictures ;-) a big pro!


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