Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Time for a Funny Video Again. :)

these are one of those days when i am soo thankful for not being a model or a celebrity. haha. :)
but those days when i wish i was one, kinda overpowers the days when i don't want to be one. the perks the perks.


  1. jaaaa das hab ich auch gesehen das ist zum brüllen!hahahahahahhaahahahahahh

  2. haahahahaha! ;) i almost peed my pants when i saw this. where did she go? hahaha

  3. haha ist das lustig!! Auf einmal ist sie weg!!! :D:D

  4. hi, i just discovered your blog and i'm in love with it. first of all i'm asian too and i think the blogosphere needs more asian perspectives :) which was what attracted me to your blog initially. secondly, your life story is pretty amazing. you're awesomely strong for not being angsty or bitter about your past and for moving on in such a positive way and i'd like to be more like you in this manner.

    so yeah, just wanted to tell you that i love your blog and i love h&m (which isn't available in my country, sadly!)


  5. @ karin: ich weiss auch nicht. the hole can't be that deep though. but if i would be in her situation, i'd rather hide until everybody's away. can't deal with the shame. haha.

    @ anonymous: ohhh you just made my day. too bad you don't have a blog, or do you? yeah you know shit happens all the time, and you can't run away. so you have to face it and go on with life. so it's either go on or not. messages like these, make me stronger. thanks! where are you from by the way? would love to know more about you too! c yah! kisses!

  6. @ royal bee: yeah, sooo peinlich. gott sei dank ist das mir noch nie passiert (bin ja auch kein model) hahahahah

  7. oh mein Gott wie lustig und peinlich. Musste den Link gleich mal im Büro rumschicken...


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